Freshman to Watch: Femi Alabi


Freshman Femi Alabi made the boys varsity soccer team due to his determination. He is a starting defender playing alongside two senior captains. His coach Stephane Longchamp noted Alabi’s natural leadership and high expectations as reasons behind what makes him soccer’s Freshman to Watch.

Why did you recommend him for this?

SL: “He is hardworking, and he expects everyone around him to put in the same level of effort.”

What kind of energy does he bring to the team?

SL: “During preseason workouts, one of the things that stood out about Femi is his natural leadership ability. This season he has been a starter on defense, and has helped keep our team competitive.”

What surprised you about this athlete?

SL: “This year, he’s playing next to two seniors, who are also captains.”

What do you hope to see them improve in their next three years here?

SL: “My hope is that they will help him continue to grow in his leadership because he has the potential to be a captain. He also has aspirations to be Division 1 soccer in college, so I hope to be able to challenge him to get better mentally and physically. Considering the desire and determination he has shown so far, I believe he will get there.”