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Lucy Greenman is 2018’s Valedictorian

Graduating with a GPA that puts her at the top of the class while juggling her Academy of Science curriculum, senior Lucy Greenman may seem like she is all work and no play, yet Greenman is extremely involved in extracurriculars outside of the classroom and has high hopes for her future.

As an active member of her synagogue, Northern Virginia Hebrew Congregation, and the Jewish community, Greenman attends and teaches music at Religious School to Kindergarteners through second graders.

“I love to sing, play guitar, and write songs,” said Greenman. “It’s also super fun teaching younger kids to love music because they are adorable.”

Along with her part-time teaching position, Greenman worked on a congressional campaign for the June 12 election.

“If you’re 18, you can vote in this primary election; everyone should do it,” said Greenman.

Throughout her past four years in high school, Greenman has taken part in many academic clubs, her favorite being Science Olympiad, which she helped to found her freshman year.

“I’m a total nerd so one standout of my high school years has to be Science Olympiad states. Each year we’ve improved so much, and this year we even placed sixth in the state,” said Greenman. “We’ve come so far since freshman year.”

Along with her part time education at Potomac Falls, Greenman has attended the Academy of Science since her freshman year. Every B day, Greenman headed over to AOS to participate in more independent, hands-on courses than normally seen at Potomac Falls.

“AOS is all math, science, and science research. Those are my three classes there, every day, all day,” said Greenman.

After graduation, Greenman is heading to William and Mary to study Public Health.

“I’m really interested in labor and delivery in America,” said Greenman. “We obviously have really technologically advanced medicine, yet we still have a lot of mothers dying from birthing complications. I would love to save a mother and baby’s life.”

Though Greenman declared a major in Public Health, her true passion in life is to study law.

“I will probably concentrate on Public Health and somehow find a way to apply it to law,” said Greenman. “My dream is to argue in front of the Supreme Court.”

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