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What is Music Monday?

SCA introduces Music Monday with a goal in mind

Shock. Surprise. Confusion. That’s all any student felt as music filled the halls over the everyday chatter on Monday, August 27. Once everyone figured out what was happening, students either rejoiced or cringed at the Taylor Swift song coming loudly from the PA.

“I was more just confused and dazed. I didn’t think it was the bell; I thought it was just something special they were trying to do. Then when I figured out what it was, I thought ‘well I should probably go to class now’,” said senior Addie Schively.

The purpose of these ‘Music Mondays’, according to SCA, is to help Mondays be less tortuous and help to energize the student body at the beginning of the week. The secondary purpose is to help lower the number of tardies between classes.

“Other schools play music over the PA, so we adopted the idea. SCA came up with the name ‘Music Mondays’ because we thought Mondays would be the day people needed it the most,” said SCA secretary, Adrienne Yeh.

Each song will end one minute before students have to get to class, so it should provide a sense of how long kids have to get to their rooms before the bell rings. Yeh said that she believes this was effective, demonstrated by the fewer number of tardies to first block than usual.

Students were not told why the music was playing ahead of time, so whether or not there is a causal relationship between it and attendance is yet to be determined.

As for how energizing the music was, the responses vary.

“No one should really be bothered by it. It’s just some nice music. It’s also good music,” said freshman Sabrina Belhous.

There were students that were singing along to the music, but there were others that weren’t as excited. Because of the old PA system, a member of SCA had to hold a cell phone up to the main office phone in order to project the music around the school.

“It was honestly annoying. I couldn’t hear the music, it was just white noise. Then when I found out what song was playing, I didn’t like it,” said senior Devin Schneider.

No matter how students feel about the music, SCA plans to continue to play music every Monday in hopes that everyone will feel happier and get to class on time. They have been working on improving the quality of the music, and students can look forward to suggesting their own music in the future.

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