Kate of All Trades


Sophomore Kaitlyn Olia packs her schedule full of academics and athletics that keep her busy throughout the year.

As a varsity runner, balancing life, athletics, and school is hard enough, but sophomore Kaitlyn Olia took it one step further when she decided to take three advanced placement (A.P.) classes as a sophomore. Olia challenged herself with A.P. Calculus, A.P. Biology, and A.P. World History.

“I decided to take A.P. Calculus and A.P. World because that is the normal progression for those subjects, and I like science, so I decided to take A.P. Bio as my elective,” said Olia.

An average day for Olia is jam-packed, and she dedicates every ounce of her spare time to her studies. Her mornings are filled with homework, then she is off to school, followed by cross country conditioning, and afterwards more homework.

“I get through stressful weeks by managing my time and making a schedule so I know what to do when,” said Olia.

Olia takes her class time seriously and uses it to the best of her ability. She always makes an effort to pay attention and stay involved during lectures.

“Kate is very quiet in class,” said Kristin Bird, Olia’s A.P. World teacher. “But [she] is engaged and participates when called upon.”

On top of her grueling academics, Olia is a varsity cross country and track runner. Olia was inspired by her older sister, senior Erin Olia, to join the team. With a personal record (P.R.) in a 5k of 20 minutes and 54 seconds, Olia keeps herself going during the races by reminding herself that everyone around her is in just as much pain as she is.

“Getting a personal best is the best feeling in the world because you know that you worked super hard for it and all your hard work pays off in getting the best time,” said Olia.

In order to prepare for races, Olia listens to music on the bus to be able to concentrate. She makes sure to wake up at 6 o’clock on race days to allow time for a good breakfast and be fully awake for the meet. Olia always tries her hardest the whole way through her races.

“Being on the same team as Kate is lovely,” said senior Tyler Means, “She is so sweet, and even though she is only a sophomore she’s a great leader.”

Through all of the chaos, Olia has a support system at home. Her parents come to every one of her meets to cheer her on, and her sister is always there for her.

“My family supports me the most because they do so much for me. My sister is always by my side during the meets, and she always wants the best for me,” said Olia. “What keeps me motivated is knowing that at the end of this all if I work hard I’ll either get a good grade in a hard class or a P.R. in a race and that’s the best feeling in the world.”