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PetSmart Holds Adoption Event

PetSmart will be holding a dog adoption event on Sunday, Sep. 16 with The Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation.

The Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation will be holding a dog adoption event in PetSmart at Potomac Run Plaza on Sunday, September 16. There will be a variety of homeless dogs and puppies seeking homes and families to live with.

“It is important to adopt a pet because there are a lot of dogs in adoption centers that need homes, and if they do not get adopted, they get put down, which is really sad,” said junior Victoria Osorio.

Think you don’t have the time or money to adopt a dog? Hate seeing dogs behind bars in animal shelters? Try fostering. While fostering, dogs will be kept in your house until they find a permanent home to live in.

“We foster through an organization called Forever Home and we get notifications almost every day about dogs who are able to be fostered, and it ranges from puppies that are just weeks old to months old, to dogs that are nine or ten years old that need homes. You will then bring that dog into your home and keep it in your home and then attend foster or adoption events and people come to look at the dogs to see if they want to adopt,” said English teacher Mr. Walker.

Not only is adopting a dog from an animal shelter cheaper than buying one from the internet or pet store, but it also helps fight against puppy mills, which breed puppies for sale in conditions viewed as inhumane. As more and more people adopt, more and more business will be taken away from puppy mills.

“It’s important to adopt because you will save a life. Too many dogs are euthanized at the shelter because there is no room for them,” said junior Michelle Yang.

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