Top 8 Homecoming Hacks

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Top 8 Homecoming Hacks

How to get through HoCo like a pro

Don’t have anyone to zip up your dress? A lifehack for this would be to take a ribbon and cut two feet of it. Then, take that ribbon and put it through the hole of the zipper. When you put the dress on, you can pull the ribbon up and that will zip it up for you. “I used to break all my zippers so my mom put a ribbon in, and I just pulled it right up,” said junior Diana Fomenko.

Have razor burns all over your legs? Take two aspirin tablets and put them in a glass of water. Using a spoon, mix the two tablets in the glass of water until it is fully dissolved. Then, take a cotton ball and dip it in the dissolved aspirin water and then rub that on your legs. The razor burns will disappear after three or four hours.

Want to know which heels are comfortable enough? The truth lies in the distance of the heel to the foot. The shorter the distance between the heel and the foot, the less comfortable it will be. If the distance between the two is longer, the more comfortable it will be.

Afraid that sweating will wipe your makeup away? Standing in front of professional lights to get your pictures taken or dancing for over an hour will cause sweat. In order to keep your makeup intact for the whole night, apply a bit of organic deodorant to your face before you apply your makeup. It will prevent your face to sweat for the whole night.

Want super long lashes? Instead of applying your mascara straight from your lash line to the tips of your lashes, first, apply mascara to the tips of your lashes. Then, start applying the mascara from your lash line and wiggle it up to the tips of your lashes. The same mascara can produce a very different result depending on how you use it. You could also apply Vaseline to your lashes before you go to bed. “I used Vaseline, and I would put it on every night before I went to bed. I guess it kind of worked because now I can actually see my lashes when I wear mascara,” said sophomore Kimi Geradi.

Don’t want to carry your purse around?  Get a small fanny pack and put it on your thigh. This way, you can carry your items around with you without being afraid of losing your purse. Note that if your dress is tight, this will be noticeable. Make sure that your dress is a little loose in the thigh area, so no one will notice your fanny pack.

Are your heels giving you blisters? Get a pair tights (your choice of color) and cut them into socks. Wear these tights with your heels because they will slide, preventing any friction which results in blisters.

Does your hair lack volume? If hair spray is not giving you the volume you need, any type of white powder such as makeup powder or baby powder can be used as dry shampoo which can add loads of volume to your hair. Please note that if want to use baby powder, keep it away from your face. “My hair is extremely straight and it has no volume to it whatsoever. So basically, when I wake up in the morning, and I’ve run out of dry shampoo or something, I use baby powder. My hair is blonde, so the white blends well, and it’s a super quick and easy hack,” said junior Olivia Hornung.

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