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The Final Frame of this School Tradition?

Due to the lack of student interest, Art Club is debating closing the Stained-Glass Committee

When the doors of Potomac Falls opened in the late summer of 1997, the initial art teacher introduced the idea of creating stained-glass windows as a yearly tradition. The project suggestion received great feedback, leading to the implementation of a new window each passing year. They began above the front doors and moved to other places as time went on. Some of these places include the most well-known spot as of now—the cafeteria.

After the original sponsor, AP Art teacher Elaine Nunnally, retired, current art teacher Deborah Cooper took on the responsibility of leading the stained-glass committee.  Originally planned and created by the AP Art students, Cooper moved the task to a section of the Art Club to give the AP students more time for their year-long work. Ever since then, a group of Art Club members have been working hard to produce the stained-glass projects.

Last year, most of the committee were seniors, creating a problem when very few new members showed interest in taking part. Junior Selassie Fugar is the only remaining member, and Cooper worries that the work load is too much for one student. Despite this, Fugar hopes and is eager to continue the yearly tradition.

“I really would love to continue this tradition because I personally love the process of making a piece to be proud of,” said Fugar.

When it comes to Cooper’s views on the future of the committee, she thinks that the committee may have no other choice other than moving on to other projects if there are not enough interested students, though she does enjoy the tradition.

“One of our Art Club goals is school beautification,” said Cooper. “Anything that we can do that can help the kids find a sense of belonging or having a feeling that they are contributing to the school in some way is an important thing to have.”

Any interested students are encouraged to visit Art Club and take a look at the stained-glass process. No previous experience is needed as Cooper will instruct new members on the basics of the window-making steps, preparing them for the time when the next stained-glass window is due to come. As for time, Art Club meets every Friday after school. Doors are always open for new artists, and this tradition has existed in Potomac Falls from the beginning.

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