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What’s Going on Behind the Murals?

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What’s Going on Behind the Murals?

A Look at the National Art Honor Society and what it takes to be a part of this group

Whether roaming the hallways or stopping by one of the art rooms, everyone has surely seen the National Art Honor Society in action. This collection of talented artists is responsible for many of the artistic pieces around the school.  For example, the newly-created mural in the library is one of their ongoing projects. Many students find themselves wondering what exactly goes on during the artistic process of these projects and what it takes to be a part of the society.

This year, the NAHS has a variety of goals in mind. These include visiting elementary schools, fundraising, painting the bathroom stalls, creating more murals, and building strong relationships between group members. “I would love to renew the Art Honor Society, so that it becomes more open and enjoyable to more and more people,” said NAHS President Joanna Tan. “I would also like to really make an impact on others through art this year.”

As for individual meetings, the society plans to create their schedule based upon times that work for everyone. Whether it be in the morning or after school, regular meeting topics include project discussions and working on the projects themselves. “It’s a lot of planning and implementing whatever it is that we’re supposed to be doing,” said NAHS sponsor Elizabeth Chodrow.

The reasons behind the members’ involvement in the society stems from their passion and drive for their art. With a great opportunity in sight and other benefits to joining the NAHS, both new and returning members are excited to continue their projects and bring color and life to the school. “It’s cool that we get to help the community while doing what we love,” said NAHS Vice President Emily Carr.

Some of the benefits to joining the society include scholarship opportunities and possible college application activity choices. “Seniors graduate with the Art Honor Society Honors Cord, and it’s a rainbow cord,” said Chodrow. “So it’s always neat to see our members graduate with those cords.”

When it comes to new members, their reasons behind taking interest in the NAHS are similar to those found with previous members—they are happy to be able to express themselves in a creative way while also helping other causes by fundraising and beautifying the school. When it comes to students hesitant about joining, current members urge them to give it a chance. “If you have everything set up like your GPA, grades, you’re not going to be way too busy, and you really have a passion for art, just join,” said new NAHS member Skye Hamrell. “Make a piece, you know, see what happens… and, you know, if you end up where you can’t do this or something, then just drop out. You know you gave it a chance.”

Students interested in joining are required to have a minimum 3.2 GPA, been in a high school art class for at least one semester, take part in at least eight hours of community service, a piece of 2D artwork for the induction ceremony, and a short essay explaining why they value art. “If you’re interested in joining, we’re all glad to have you!” said Tan. “All of us are always open to new members at any point, and what we do is very chill, fun, and rewarding, all at the same time.”

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