Theatre I and II Showcase their Talents

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Theatre I and II Showcase their Talents

On Oct. 12 at 7:00 p.m, for five dollars in the auditorium, Theatre Arts I and II classes are putting on a showcase and having a costume sale in hopes of raising money and showing off their talents.

The Theatre Arts I and II showcase is an hour long show that features two original scripts and performances and ends in an overdone Broadway musical medley. Both acting performances were written and casted by students in Theatre II.

“I feel like having to create a play from scratch really builds someone not just as an actor, but as a person. You have to lean on other people and put a lot of ideas out there before you can even start, the whole process builds up not just confidence but your personality too,” said sophomore Rachel Beech.

Corinne Fox, the new theatre teacher and director, is the mind behind this new addition to Panther Productions.

“My main goal by doing this showcase is to give students in Theatre Arts I and II an opportunity to perform that is outside of the regular main stage production; it also enables them to experience more of the creative process of putting a show together rather than just attending after school rehearsals,” said Fox.

Money from this showcase and the costume sale are going directly into the main stage productions in hopes of improving the quality of the shows that are put on at Potomac Falls.

“Having a larger working budget will enable us to do bigger, more intricate shows,” said Fox.

The classes have put many hours of their time into rehearsing, memorizing and blocking their performances.

“In the theatre, there is a certain amount of magic that happens when you add an audience. It doesn’t matter how much or little you rehearse, adding an audience always makes things more electric; it’s amazing to watch,” said Fox.

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