Freshman to Watch: Chinmay Vadrev


Senior Drum Major Andrew Thede nominated Chinmay Vadrev as band’s Freshman to Watch due to his dedication, drill knowledge, and helpfulness

Chinmay Vadrev has been playing the French horn for four years and is dedicated to mastering his instrument.  He began playing this instrument as it seemed like a complex challenge. Playing has changed his life by giving him new opportunities, friendships, and experiences.  His favorite part of band is the people as they are kind and helpful. The transition coming from middle school band was made easy by the great advice given by the upperclassmen.

Why did you nominate them for this?

AT: “I nominated Chimney because he has shown real potential to become a really good marcher and musician in the future with more practice.”

What surprised you about this musician?

AT: “I was surprised at his ability to play his horn and such a high level for only being a freshman.”

What are his strengths?

AT: “He is a very good musician and can handle very complicated musical passages and ranges, as well as his ability to comprehend the relationship between the music and our drill.”

How does he contribute to the program?

AT: “He contributes to the program by being a role model for the other freshman, staying on topo of his game regarding musical and drill knowledge, and helping others when they are in need.”