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Joe C’s Must-Sees: New to Stream This Fall

Here’s a list of TV shows that you should probably start binge-ing this fall

Nowadays, television is one of the biggest entertainment industries in the world. Streaming services are almost always putting out new shows, and the fall season usually means they are putting out the best material in response to the Emmys. With so many shows, some get lost in the shuffle, and it is hard to keep track of what to watch. Here is a brief rundown of shows set to be released this fall.

The First, Hulu (Friday, Sept. 14)

Hulu’s most talked about original content in a while, “The First” chronicles the fictional effort to send a manned mission to Mars. Oscar Winner Sean Penn brings his talents to the sci-fi, drama. “The First” got mixed reviews, but it has an interesting premise and has the possibility to become Hulu’s next big show.

Maniac, Netflix (Friday, Sept. 21)

Netflix’s big swing at an award-winning mini-series, comes in the form of “Maniac”. Originally a Norwegian show, it will star Emma Stone and Jonah Hill, in what is advertised as a dark comedy about the subjects of mysterious pharmaceutical testing. “Maniac” looks to be a little less comedy and more dark, as it seems to tackle some serious subjects. It’s really a shot in the dark whether this will be great, or complete nonsense.    

The Romanoffs, Amazon (Friday, Oct. 12)

Amazon’s fall headliner is an eight-part series from Matthew Weiner, the creator of “Mad Men”. “The Romanoffs” will be an episodic show following eight separate families who all believe they are descendants of the Russian royal family. “Mad Men” alums John Slattery and Christina Hendricks will have parts, in what looks to be a strange show that could end up being pretty interesting.

Camping, HBO (Oct. 14)

HBO, which has a smaller quantity of shows coming out this fall than their competitors, will be putting out a comedy about a family who goes on a birthday getaway for the father. It stars Jennifer Garner, and it was created by Lena Dunham, who is a master of awkward comedy. If you like the comedy of Michael Scott, “Camping” is probably right in your wheelhouse.

Homecoming, Amazon (Friday Nov. 2)

If you’re looking for something a little more dramatic, look no further then Amazon’s new psychological thriller “Homecoming”. The show will star Julia Roberts and it is an adaptation of the “Gimlet Podcast”, a show released by Gimlet Media, about a caseworker who handles traumatized soldiers being held at a mysterious compound. It is directed by Sam Esmail, who is coming off the high mark of the award-winning show “Mr. Robot”. Expect a dark and thoughtful show that has gotten great reviews and should be in Emmy talks come next year.

House of Cards, Netflix (Nov. 2)

The only big-name show returning this fall, “House of Cards” heads into its sixth and final season. Robin Wright now takes center stage following the departure of Kevin Spacey, and the show is set to pick up right where it left off. It will continue to give a unique look at the exaggerated, crazy, mixed-up world of American politics.

The Kominsky Method, Netflix (Friday Nov. 16)

Producer Chuck Lorre, creator of “Two and a Half Men” and “The Big Bang Theory” makes his first streaming show in “The Kominsky Method”, a smart-alecky comedy about two Hollywood veterans who are struggling with getting old and staying relevant. The show boasts Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin in the lead roles, and should be a smart and enjoyable comedy.

Game of Thrones, HBO (2019)

It’s not technically this fall, but the final season of the award-winning show is set to be released in the winter (no pun intended) of 2019. Not much is known about the new season, as HBO likes to keep the content extremely secret. Nonetheless, expect “Game of Thrones” to finish strong and signal the end of an era for HBO.

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