Pep in your Step: Powder Puff Game 2018


During this year’s annual Powder Puff game, the senior girls beat the juniors in an intense and rigorous game.

The annual Powder Puff game between junior and senior girls left the seniors with a victory for their class, with a score of 18-6. Despite the rain, which impacted the outcome of spectators, the players on both sides remained in good spirits. Junior Sydney Watson was one of the people representing her grade playing wide receiver.

“I think it’s a cool opportunity to try something new and gives people the chance to do something they otherwise might not be able to,” said Watson. “It brings all different types of girls, some who play sports and some who don’t, together. Which is also fun because you interact with people you otherwise might not have.”

Powder Puff is a longstanding tradition at the school where junior and senior girls play football while the boys cheer them on. The event used to take place during homecoming week, but now the date has been moved. It serves primarily as a junior class event that helps fund the prom. Junior class sponsor Misty Keller had been in the front lines of the fundraising efforts.

“It’s not just excitement for the students, it’s excitement for the staff as well, and that collaboration we have in order to make this event a success,” said Keller.

The seniors started off strong with senior Kenya Lopez running the ball in for a touchdown at the end of the first quarter. They then went for a two-point conversion on the play, with quarterback Jamie Lawall keeping the ball and landing the two-point conversion, putting the seniors up 8-0 to end the quarter.

“I felt great. When I was playing I kind of zoned everything out. I’ve played other sports before so those skills kicked in, and I just went for it,” said Lopez.

As for the juniors, Hannah Bulmer scored the single touchdown of the game, raising her class’ spirits and raising the stakes. The juniors failed to complete the two-point conversion.

“I thought they were going to intercept it but then I was like, wow I actually caught one, so then I was pretty excited,” said Bulmer.

Junior Mason Delaney hustled on the field, pulling flags on defense and trying to intercept every chance she got.

“The Powder Puff game was really just for fun for me. I didn’t take it that seriously, which I think made practice and the game more fun,” said Delaney. “Even though we lost, we had a great attitude. I just went into the game trying to have a good time.”

Junior Natalie Swarm helped advance her team 40 yards, giving them an added advantage during the second quarter.

In the final play of the game, senior Madelyn DeCarli intercepted the ball in the end zone and locked in the win for the seniors.