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Student traditions for All Hallow’s Eve

When it comes to the first few months of the school year, students find themselves excitedly awaiting the influx of holidays approaching. Basked in the bright orange of the pumpkins and black fabric of the monster costumes is Halloween, a tradition filled with the promise of horror, fun, and free candy. Whether it be exploring the streets with bags full of candy, watching scary films, or partying with friends, each celebrating student has an enjoyable way to spend the evening of October 31.

Trick-or-Treating is a classic staple in the many Halloween traditions. While not celebrated as much during students’ high school years, everyone has experienced dressing up and collecting candy in their youth. However, while not Trick-or-Treating, junior Diana Fomenko plans on dressing up as what she predicts will be her favorite costume. Junior Caitlin Redmon has a few different favorites, but loves her Katniss costume from The Hunger Games and her hippie costume the most. “I think my favorite was when I dressed up as a hippie one year,” said Redmon. “I really liked the 60s theme that I had.”

“My favorite costume is this year’s,” said Fomenko. “I’m going as the Crimson Ghost, which is a skeleton with a crimson robe and mask.”

Other Halloween traditions for students include watching classic Halloween movies such as The Nightmare Before Christmas, Halloween, and Corpse Bride. Another popular one is eating massive amounts of candy. For Fomenko, one of her favorites is exploring local pumpkin patches. Alongside this, she enjoys getting lost in the cornfield mazes. Another tradition celebrated by Redmon is having sleepovers with her friends on Halloween night.

“I remember staying up late, just watching Halloween movies, eating candy, and having a lot of fun,” said Redmon.

Attending parties are another big part of Halloween traditions. Fomenko will be attending her first party this year—a costume party held by her older sister. Redmon is planning on a gathering with her friends for a smaller party. “Nothing’s set in stone now, but I have an idea of what I want to do,” said Redmon.

As for the scary theme behind Halloween, few scary things have happened to both Redmon and Fomenko. However, for Fomenko, one unsettling situation has stayed with her since its occurrence.

“I got followed by some person in a costume one year, but they turned a corner, so it was all bueno.” said Fomenko.

Whether it be watching horror movies, eating loads of candy, or taking part in Trick-or-Treating, make sure to stay safe and have fun!


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