A Halloween Treat


Students submit photos of their dogs getting festive and dressing up for Halloween

From hot dogs to boy scouts, students enjoy dressing up their pets in costumes for the Halloween season. Get to know the 8 dogs and one cat that celebrated the holiday.

Name: Bear.

Age: 1 ½.

Costume: Hotdog.
Enjoys: Going to the park and playing tug-of-war.

Photo submitted by Mary Delaney.


Name: Marley.

Age: 6.

Costume: Dragon.

Enjoys: Sleeping or playing fetch.

Photo submitted by Hannah Bulmer.


Name: Scout.

Age: 9.

Costume: Boy scout.

Enjoys: Fetching tennis balls.

Photo submitted by Christopher Pacifico.


Name: Harley.

Age: 6.

Costume: Beanie Baby.

Enjoys: Howling.

Photo submitted by Sophia Varoujanian.

Name: Skippy.

Age: 12.

Costume: Santa Clause.

Enjoys: Digging holes under the fence.

Photo submitted by Robert Dykeman.


Name: Gracie.

Age: 6.

Costume: Hot dog.

Enjoys: Sleeping and eating.

Photo submitted by Tess Durham.


Name: Peluche.

Age: 10.

Costume: Reindeer.

Enjoys: Cuddling in blankets.

Photo submitted by Emely Melendez.


Name: Sierra.

Age: 3.

Costume: Lifeguard.

Enjoys: Bouncing on the trampoline.

Photo submitted by Scott Mogensen.


Name: Nala.

Age: 2.

Costume: Shark.

Enjoys: Eating earbuds and playing with toy mice.

Photo submitted by Kyle Peterson.