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Behind the Scenes with Lights, Camera, Action

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Behind the Scenes with Lights, Camera, Action

A Look Behind the Scenes at the new filmmaking club at PFHS

A club titled “Lights, Camera, Action!” (LCA) has taken the stage as the new filmmaking group of the school. Led by sophomore Ocean Akinotcho, the team of aspiring filmmakers aims to produce films for the public with various teams taking on different duties. These jobs are assigned to them through their departments, those of which include the Pre-Production Department, the Tech Department, the Audio Department, the Set Design Department, and the Makeup and Wardrobe Department. Each works hard to ensure they create the best film possible.

Recently, LCA has been working to finish their first short film entitled Who Broke the Glass. The story tells the journey of a young woman as she finds herself stalked by a shadow that melts her own reflections. In an attempt to escape the shadow, she breaks a mirror, but instead finds herself trapped within another world. Written by sophomore and LCA member Maria José-Lema, the LCA team has been working at representing the idea in the greatest way they can.

“We have a good team,” said sophomore Meadow Irribarren-Padilla. “Everybody works together and they’re not giving too much work to one person.”

When it comes to the difficulties of filming their project, the hardest aspects came from fining spots to film in and the overall preparation of the set.

After the finalization of Who Broke the Glass, the LCA team plans to enter competitions, increase viewers for their YouTube channel, and produce a bigger, possibly even feature-length film.

The group encourages any interested students to come and give it a try as it feels like a mini-family to them.

“It’s really nice how we’re able to get together once a week and come up with something great for the year,” said Akinotcho.

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