Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday


While most people finish up their Thanksgiving meals, those who love savings mentally prepare for the biggest sales event of the year. Black Friday is regarded as the first day of the traditional Christmas shopping season, on which stores offer special reduced prices. Cyber Monday is essentially the same thing, but it’s on the Monday following Thanksgiving, and it’s all done online.  That’s right; you don’t need to leave the comfort of your home or put on actual pants to reap the same benefits as Black Friday shoppers. Both Black Friday and Cyber Monday have their upsides and downsides, but both have the same goal: Bargains. Let’s compare the two days.

1. Pro: You can find REALLY good deals.
 American Eagle will have 40% the whole store and 25$ flannels and sweaters. Pacsun will have many buy one get one free, and for the big brand items it will be buy one get one half off.
2. Pro/con: You can embrace the sense of competition with other buyers — or hate it.
Other shoppers may want the same thing as you and there’s only one left – so you’re physically grabbing the same items as other shoppers. When you get there first, the sense of victory is a plus. When you’re too slow, well, you watch the deal of the century (no dramatization here) slip through your fingertips.
 3. Pro: Designer shops have the best deals; we’re talking once in a lifetime deals (or maybe just once a year).
Gucci has had backpacks up to 50% off for Black Friday.
4.   Con: Stores get very hectic and crazy.
With all the people racing to the best deals and steals, it could get manic, so it’s best to be prepared to get trampled by eager shoppers.
5. Pro/con: If you shop on Thursday, you get the better deals.
Some think it’s sacrelig to shop on Thanksgiving but places like Wal-mart (think electronics) open at 6 pm to offer major discounts on everything from flatscreens to laptops.
6. Pro: You get your item then and there.
Some shoppers (like myself) get impatient with having to wait for their purchases coming in the mail. Also, with Black Friday shopping you don’t have the worry about paying for shipping and handling.
7. Pro: You have the opportunity to try on clothing you are looking at buying.
You may come across maybe some jeans or a shirt that you may be interested in buying, and you can try it on in the dressing rooms to see if it’s the right fit for you.

For a comprehensive list of deals, Forbes shared this list outlining the best 2018 Black Friday has to offer.

1. Pro: It’s laid back.
Instead of rushing to the best deal in town, you can make a warm cup of coffee, snuggle up with a big warm blanket with your laptop and shop in the comfort of your own home.
2. Pro/con: You can get good deals — sometimes not as good as Black Friday deals.
Black Friday will run deals that will only last in store — so you can save more in person than you can on the same store’s website.
3. Pro: It’s safer.
When shopping online, you don’t have to worry about getting trampled by other shoppers and the stress of fighting over a shirt you’ve being eyeing.
4. Pro: You can do it anywhere if you have a phone or computer.
The thing about Black Friday is you have to drive to the places you want to buy from, but with Cyber Monday, you can just take out your phone, laptop, or tablet and look up your favorite stores and their major sales.
5. Con: You have to wait to get your item in the mail.
Unlike shopping at your local mall where you can get your items, try them on and buy, shopping on the Internet means waiting, not knowing if something will fit, and sometimes, shipping costs.
6. Pro: They say it’s best for electronics— because Amazon.
Stores like Amazon will have some great discounts on electronics like televisions, laptops, Beats Headphones, and more. Amazon ships free if you’re a prime member and can literally arrive the same day.

Happy shopping!