Meet the New Faces of Potomac Falls


As we work our way towards winter break and the end of the first semester, let’s get to know the new faces at PFHS.

Teaching Algebra 1 and Geometry, Lindsay Topper hopes to engage her students to establish a connection with the world of mathematics. “I like Potomac Falls a lot so far; I like the staff and the students, so I am happy to be here,” said Topper. Topper ran cross-country and track at Lock Haven University, located in Pennsylvania, where she received her Bachelor’s of Education in secondary mathematics.

As a new CTE teacher, Toni Fasan hopes to observe improvements in her students throughout the school year. Her courses include Childhood Development levels one and two, as well as Personal Finance. “My favorite thing about Potomac Falls is absolutely the students. The students are why we come to work every day,” said Fasan. Fasan appreciates spending time with her family and gardening during her free time.

The science department welcomes first-year teacher Kallipoi Angeldiaki, who teaches Research and Academic Earth Science. “All the staff members are really great, and I also have really good students,” said Angelidaki. Outside of school, Angeldiaki enjoys watching movies, cooking, and playing tennis.

Initially striving to become a singer, Esther Johnson is now the new physics teacher, working towards helping her students overcome their struggles. “I’m really liking this school a lot so far. My favorite thing about [the school] is the spirit that the school has, and there tends to be just a very positive attitude around this school,” said Johnson. Growing up in an Italian family, Johnson enjoys eating spaghetti and going on adventures outdoors.

The theatre department welcomes Corinne Fox this school year, who will be teaching Theatre and freshman level English. “My favorite thing about this school is hands down the students,” said Fox. Fox is also the lead of the theater group, Panther Productions, and she just directed her first show Fools in the beginning of November.

Working towards her Master’s Degree in Special Education, Sophie Guo works as a learning specialist. Guo said she enjoys her classes, the staff around her, and helping others each day. “I love my classes, the room I have, I love the teachers and the staff I work with, and the students have been really nice to me. There’s nothing to complain about so far,” said Guo.

Teaching for 16 years, the new Personal Finance and Economics teacher, Stephan Latter, will also be teaching Business and Marketing, classes in which students will prepare for the financial world. “I love teaching, it’s what I do. My students are nice and the faculty I work with are nice, so I like working with nice people,” said Latter.

Born in Belgium, Laurence Bertholet started her career by teaching teacher-student internships.   Despite performing excellence in French, Ms. Berthelot’s true motivation for teaching French is to spread her mother language to her students and the world. “I really love Potomac Falls so far, it’s a very nice school. The teachers are very helpful and the students are great,” said Bertholet.