National English Honors Society Holds Book Drive


NEHS holds a book drive to donate books to PFHS English teachers and local elementary schools

With the holidays approaching, NEHS is allowing students to donate their old books that are intact to the book donation drive. Initially going to an abused women’s shelter, this year, the books will be headed to the English teachers here at Potomac Falls in order for them to have books for independent reading time, a program that occurs in all English classes. Books for children will be given to local elementary school classrooms.

Christina Vazquez, an English teacher and sponsor of NEHS, has been running the book donation drive for the past four years. The goal of her book donation drive this year is to benefit the English teachers in a way that will allow them to not spend all their money buying books for their classes.

“[The book drive] is one of the most successful things that we do in NEHS. I think books are special because we want students to connect with the books. The more books we have in a classroom, I’m hoping as an English teacher that a student will connect with a book and fall in love with the book,” said Vazquez.

In order to help a child in need of books, junior Shreya Phadke donated four children’s books to the book drive.

“I donated because not all libraries have enough books for every child and because I really like helping out children and putting a positive effect in their lives,” said Phadke.

The secretary of NEHS, senior Abigail Chillot, encourages members and other students to donate their unwanted books because it will be beneficial for people without many books.

“It’s a good feeling to like know you’re giving back to your community and like know you’re helping out like even if it’s a little bit and there’s some kids who are not fortunate enough to like read and like get the opportunity to have all these books so it’s a good feeling,” said Chillot. “Even just like something small like that would make a kid’s day.”

The book drive will end at the end of the semester, with a new one being held the following year.