Review: Choose the Future of Streaming in Netflix’s “Bandersnatch”


Netflix released its first-ever interactive movie with Black Mirror’s feature film “Bandersnatch” and the choose-your-own adventure style piece is worth the watch

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you weren’t in control of your decisions? If every choice you were given was being decided by a person behind a screen? All of these thoughts come to life in Netflix’s Interactive Film, “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.” Its creativity and fascination should be experienced by the masses.

This film is a one of a kind media piece unlike anything Netflix has done before. The “choose-your-own-adventure” storyline that “Bandersnatch” offers is futuristic and a movie made ahead of its time. Viewers will be on the edge of their seats, questioning if every decision they make will lead to a favorable ending.

From decisions as simple as deciding what music to listen to on the train, to deciding on whether or not to accept the job of his life, Stefan Butler was at the whims of viewer’s decisions. The movie takes place in 1984 and Stefan is set on creating a new video game, “Bandersnatch”, based on an infamous book he is obsessed with written by fictional author Jerome F. Davies that has readers choosing their own adventure. As the story unfolds, Netflix viewers can decide the path Stefan takes, just as Bandersnatch players within the movie choose the path of their avatars.

With no set runtime and 150 minutes of total footage, “Bandersnatch” is truly all about what the viewers want to see happen. Depending on the choices viewers make, the movie can run anywhere from 40 to 150 minutes, and the total number of endings is still in speculation. states that some fans of the movie claim there are five alternate endings, while others say there can be up to 10. There is a certain level of intrigue that comes with this movie, making it even more interesting to experience.

It is understandable for some people to have doubts about investing their time into this movie, because it may seem like more of a game than a feature film. However, “Bandersnatch” gives viewers something that not a lot of films can do anymore; it keeps them enticed up until the very last second. Viewers must decide the fate of Stefan when faced with a multitude of decisions: visit his therapist or take a more destructive path? Take drugs with a fellow game designer when his creativity is halted or just say no? Destroy his family or listen to them?

All of this aside, the real question needed to be asked here is this: Is “Bandersnatch” really worth the watch? Does the movie truly live up to its great heights? Without a doubt, avid Netflix users should definitely peek at a glimpse of the future through “Bandersnatch”. No other streaming platform has come close to making something so specific to what the viewers want to see. Use this movie as an opportunity to see the future of streaming movies.

“Black Mirror: Bandersnatch” is puzzling, tantalizing, and has all the aspects of one of the coolest movies of 2018. Viewers feel everything from pain, hardship, anger, sadness, fear, and even a little bit of humor. Don’t wait on watching one of Netflix’s biggest influential movies that will shape the future of their productions. So, how will you “choose-your-own-adventure”?