Freshman to Watch for Academics: Nimay Gordia


After taking Geometry the summary after seventh grade, Nimay is the Roar’s Freshman to Watch as one of the only freshman in Math Analysis

One of the only freshman in Math Analysis, Nimay Gordia studies every night, which helps him succeed in school. His goal is to pursue a job in engineering and his favorite class is Cyber Security. Nimay Gordia is The Roar’s Freshman to Watch.

“Nimay has a ‘can do’ attitude whether he is asked to create a flowery Shakespeare style Valentine or to methodically correct grammar errors in paragraphs,” said Carrie Stuart, his English 9 Honors teacher.

His classes consist of English 9 Honors, Research Biology, Math Analysis, French Three, Intro to Cyber Security, and Intro to AP World History.

“Nimay has great time management skills and is also very proactive in his work. He has never come to me ‘after the fact’ with an issue that he hadn’t already had a solution for,” said William Smallwood, his Intro to Cyber Security teacher.

Mr. Smallwood left some words of encouragement for this new Potomac Falls student.

“Keep up the good work. Always stay ahead of the game and don’t let it beat you down. It’s only going to get more difficult from here, but you’ve laid a great foundation to build upon so far in your freshman year. Continue to build on that,” said Smallwood.