You Can’t Cheat the System


The biggest college admissions scandal in history proves that the rich can cheat their way into anything

Getting accepted to a college is a long and tedious process that makes students stressed about if they’re good enough for a school. But 50 people found an easy way out, and they are being charged for it, both financially and by a court.

These people either cheated on standardized tests or bribed college coaches to accept athletes to their prestigious institutions, regardless of if they played that sport or not.

Some of the parents facing federal charges are Lori Loughlin, known as Aunt Becky on “Full House”, and Felicity Huffman. Others facing charges are nine coaches, an exam proctor, two SAT/ACT administrators, a college administrator, and a CEO who organized this.

CEO of a college admissions prep company called The Key, William Rick Ringer, pleaded guilty to organizing this scheme. One of the ways he offered clients to manipulate the system was by cheating on standardized tests. A third party would bribe test administrators and then take the exam in the student’s place. Another way he was deceitful was by bribing college coaches with fake athletic credentials.

Olivia Jade Giannulli is daughter to Lori Loughlin and fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli. She has a YouTube channel with almost two million subscribers that is now receiving a lot of hate. She apologized after making a video saying she only wanted to go to college for parties and game days. She has also joked that her current classmates wouldn’t recognize her because she never goes to school.

“If all she wanted to do was party she should’ve taken a gap year or focus on smaller schools that are party schools instead of prestigious schools,” said junior Jennifer Garofolo.

She was recruited to the University of Southern California Crew team, even though she has never competed in Crew. Her parents allegedly agreed to pay bribes totaling to $500,000 for her and her sister. Her sister Isabella is 20 and currently enrolled in the school. Giannulli was reportedly on a yacht with USC officials when the scandal broke out.

According to CNN “In 2018, Singer called Loughlin’s husband Giannulli, to clarify the cover story on the family’s massive payment. ‘So, I just want to make sure our stories are the same… and that your $400K was paid to our foundation to help underserved kids,’ Singer said.

“I don’t think people who make contributions to a school should have an easier time getting in, it should be an equal opportunity for everyone to get into a college,” said junior Natalie Swarm.

According to Fox News, a USC spokesperson said that applicants “who are connected to the scheme alleged by the government will be denied admission to USC.” Six students are in question. They announced Donna Heinel and Jovan Vavic, the water polo coach and senior associate athletic director, have been fired for involvement.

“I think they should be fired from their positions, because what they did wasn’t okay, and they should not be encouraging others to cheat the system. They need to follow protocol and be fair towards everyone. And since they weren’t fair, they should be removed from their positions, plain and simple,” said senior Delali Nutekpor.

Loughlin was released on a one million bond and has been dropped by the Hallmark Channel.