Here and Now: Potomac Falls Varsity Field Hockey’s Journey to Regain Glory


With 17 wins during their 2018-2019 season, the varsity field hockey team was a force to be reckoned with. Their extensive teamwork, alongside lots of hard work and perseverance, paid off when they were crowned District and Regional Field Hockey Champions last season.

Players such as Abby Asuncion, alumnus, won the All Mid-Atlantic Award, and current senior Abigail Detorie made the First Team All-Region due to their stellar performances during last year’s season.

“Last year, we had three really strong seniors who were an asset to our midfield and defense,” said senior Anna Shapiro. “These players really helped us move the ball up the field and kept the ball out of our defensive end.” 

Now, the team has undergone some substantial changes in their lineup of players and strategies, welcoming several new and returning athletes. After such a winning two championships in the previous season, it seems that the players have created a reputation for themselves that, at times, can be nerve-wracking. For this season, their current record stands at two wins and eight losses, a bit of a change from last year’s record.

Despite the losses, the girls on the field hockey team are using them as learning experiences to acknowledge their good performances and dedication to the team.

“We have to take every loss with a grain of sand, so to speak,” said junior Paige Anderson. “Every chance we can get to learn new things or to get more game experience, the better.”

Comparatively speaking, their losses pale in the face of the girls’ efforts to become better athletes and improve on their skills, each and every day. 

New additions to the team have made an impact, and the senior players believe their contributions are not overlooked.

“I think freshman Sarah Gabriel is doing phenomenally,” said Shapiro. “From never playing before, to starting as a freshman, I think she has really improved and honestly has one of the best attitudes on the team.”

Returning players have been asked to step into new positions after the loss of a few  assets to the team.

“This season Chloe has really stepped up. She’s playing a different position than her first two years and she’s been doing really [well],” said Anderson.

The girls on the team are taking time to learn from their mistakes and Shapiro, for one, is optimistic for the future. She is at 76 saves and looking to improve.

“One of my personal goals this season is to reach 100 saves. I’m really hoping to get to 100,” said Shapiro.

Win or lose, the varsity field hockey team player’s never lose sight in the fact that they’re a team, and always have one another’s backs. They’re hopeful for the rest of the season and are giving it their all every time they step on the field.