Fans React to the New Bachelor


24 Seasons. 30 Women. 1 Bachelor. The Bachelor franchise faces some controversy over choosing Peter Webber as the next bachelor for season 24.

Peter Webber, the pilot and fan favorite was announced as the next Bachelor. “The Bachelor” fans are excited to see Webber get a chance at happiness after leaving “The Bachelorette,” heartbroken by Hannah Brown. 

In season 15 of “The Bachelorette,” Webber caught fans’ eyes with his lovable personality. “I was really happy for Peter…I felt like he deserved the spot,” said junior Abigail Bates. Bates predicts that because of his loving personality, he will have trouble saying goodbye to some women.

Other Bachelor fans are not so happy with Webber as the Bachelor because Webber is the stereotypical, on brand choice for The Bachelor. “It seemed like the perfect time for them to break their stereotype of having only white bachelors, and instead they gave into it,” said junior Grey Richards. In all 24 seasons, “The Bachelor” has had only causcasion bachelors.

It is a common opinion that Webber is too safe a choice for an enjoyable season. “He had to mention that he was a pilot every time he got camera time… [because] he is very boring,” said history teacher Lynn Ewald.

Bachelor fans were hoping for a different bachelor from season 15 of “The Bachelorette”. “I felt like it should have been Mike Johnson because he seemed genuine… [and] he was there for the right reasons,” said Ewald. 

Richards agrees that Johnson would have been a better choice. “I don’t think they are going to find a more likeable charismatic bachelor of color other than Mike,” said Richards. 

Bachelor fans are notoriously loyal to the show, so by the time the season rolls around on Jan 6, the controversy will be forgotten. “I’m excited for this upcoming season,” said Bates.