Is The Curse Broken?


After over two decades of failure, is the curse of DC sports finally broken?

Washington D.C. is no stranger to sports failure. For over two decades the Redskins have been awful, the Capitals have been underachieving, the Wizards have been barely getting by, and the Nationals weren’t even in DC for most of it. But things have changed. Last week the Nationals finished the fight and gave DC their second major sports championship in as many years. 

These victories prompt the question; is the curse broken? The curse that condemned bad teams to be really bad and good teams with star talent to underachieve when they needed to be clutch. It kept the Wizards from becoming anything since 2000. It made a fool out of Ovechkin for far too many years and it straight up broke Bryce Harper (good riddance). The Redskins have their own issues beyond what any curse can muster. 

In the end DC sports vanquished their main problem and developed a killer mentality and moral style that separates championship teams. In 2018, the Capitals were the first to exercise their demons and finally won a championship for this city, on the backs of Alex Ovechkin, Evgeny Kuznetsov, and Braden Holtby. Now in 2019 the Nationals did the same with the might of Anthony Rendon, Juan Soto, and Stephen Strasburg completing a Cinderella story for the ages and winning all four World Series games in Houston.  

Here’s the thing; I’m still gonna complain about how bad our teams are, there is still plenty to complain about. DC is far from a sports hub but with two championships and franchise level talent in Ovechkin, Soto, and Maybe Haskins one day, we are on our way. Rejoice DC sports fans, as far as I’m concerned the curse of DC sports is broken! I usually end my articles with a sobering and pessimistic comment about some other problem, but screw it. You’re champions, DC — enjoy it.