A Different kind of Trick or Treating


Continuing the tradition, members of Key Club organized Trunk or Treat. 

Halloween is an exciting time of year for every kid: a time where they can carve pumpkins and get free candy. Kids dressed in costumes eagerly knock on doors on Halloween night and receive candy in return. Every year, Key Club puts its own spin on this age old Halloween tradition by organizing Trunk or Treat. According to president of Key Club senior Emily Varoujanian, Key Club hopes to bring the community together through Trunk or Treat. 

“We mainly do trunk or treat for the kids because parents don’t want to trick or treat on school nights super late. They can come on the weekend during the day instead. It’s done so kids can have the opportunity to trick or treat while being safe,” said Varoujanian.  

Trunk or Treat has been a PFHS Halloween tradition for the past few years. This year on October 29, volunteers drove their cars to the PFHS parking lot and hung streamers, pumpkin decorations, a police tape from their trunks as they decorated for trick or treaters. They then handed out candy to kids dressed up in costumes in the spirit of Halloween. Senior Justin Ensminger volunteered at Trunk or Treat as a member of Key Club. 

“I liked getting to hang out with my friends and being able to make a child’s day,” said Ensminger. 

Varoujanian felt that Trunk or Treat was a success, but Key Club’s goal to give back to the community doesn’t stop there. According to their website, Key Club is dedicated to provide service, build character and develop leadership. Upcoming events being put on by Key Club include Holiday Bazaar Gift Wrapping on December 3 and the Blood Drive on Dec 6. For Varoujanian, Key Club is a chance to make a difference. 

“I am involved in the club because I like volunteering and I like knowing that I am helping people,” said Varoujanian.