PFalls Basketball is Back


The boys and girls varsity basketball teams prepare for another season on the court with hopes to continue the momentum from last year.

Since its opening in 1997, Potomac Falls High School has built an empire amongst some of the best high school sports teams in the state. The girls and boys varsity basketball teams have been no exception, and continue to prove their dominance year after year. Just last season, the girls and boys teams brought in a win loss record of 18-7 and 27-2, respectively, and are looking to up their game for the upcoming season. 

Photo by: Abby Detorie
Paige Anderson fights for the ball, 2018-19.

The girls basketball team blazed through a record setting season last year, with the best win-loss record in PFHS history. “The team played extremely well,” said junior Hope Palmer. “…We kept a positive attitude and kept our eyes set [on] winning.” Palmer, who was back-up three last season, believes that the girls chemistry is what affected them most on the court.

The boys team carried themselves all the way to a 5C region championship title. Despite falling short to Freedom High School in the state semifinals, power-forward Jalen Coker believes the team’s season was one for the record books. “We really shared the ball and played as a team,” said Coker. The boy’s season was documented on ‘The Grind’, a video mini series created by The Roar to follow the team’s journey to the championship title.

With each season comes the loss of key players from the previous graduating class. “Losing Ian Anderson [center] is definitely a big loss, but we have players that can fill that hole and I don’t think we are any less of a team without him,” said Coker. Coker believes the returning team members will be able to fill in the gaps left behind by the departure of last season’s senior athletes. 

The girls team also struggled with the lost a key player to their lineup. Former senior and starting three, Natalie Brennan, played for the varsity team for the past three years and left an empty space in the wake of her departure. “… [She] was one of our main scores,” said Palmer. “She contributed a lot to the team, and we’ll have to work hard to fill that space.”

With positions opening up on both teams, a new dynamic will have to be created to match the energy on last year’s court. “Some difficulties our team may face are just learning plays and meshing because we have some new guys this year,” said Coker. The upcoming Broadway Tournament will be key in working into the new lineup, and Coker feels any difficulties surrounding the changes will vanish because of it.

With the new season upon them, both teams have their eyes set on bringing back titles to the Falls. “We want to go as far as possible in the post- season and have fun doing it,” said Palmer. 

As for the boys, focusing on one game at a time will be key to setting the season up for success. “Go 1-0 every week,” said Coker. “Be able to compete for a regional championship, and when those are accomplished, we will go and compete for states.” 

Both teams will start the regular season off on Dec 2 at home against Dominion High School. The girls’ game will start at 5:45, and the boys’ will follow.