Potomac Falls Choir Students Reach a New Level


 11 PFHS students have been selected to perform in the annual All-District Choir concert.

The All-District Choir is a prestigious annual event which gathers the strongest singers in the district into one group who then performs a concert in February.  After months of hard work, dedication, and endless practice, 11 PFHS choir students achieved the goal of acceptance into this talented group. 

Among those 11 are seniors Tanvi Thatai and Mick Hoyle, who have enjoyed singing for many years. Both are active members in the PFHS music department, and both sing in Chamber choir, a new group as of last school year. Both have been involved in the PFHS choir for all of their four years of high school. 

 “I love choir because it allows me to challenge myself in a creative way,” said Thatai. “Choir is what made me realize my passion is in music and performance.”

After deciding to audition for All-District Choir, Thatai and Hoyle spent the weeks beforehand working alongside choir teacher Fawn Phillips in order to perfect their audition pieces. 

“Each vocalist made their own decision on how much they worked outside of school and with me,” said Phillips. “On the whole, those who spent the most time working on their performance were the ones who received the highest scores from the judges.”

With Phillips’ help, Thatai and Hoyle prepared their audition pieces until the audition date arrived. Although auditions are nerve-wracking, Hoyle felt confident before his audition. “I knew this song very well,” Hoyle said. “[I] was prepared to go give the best audition I could.” 

Coming out of the audition, Thatai felt confident about her performance, and although Hoyle felt nervous about it at first, he realized later that he had done much better than he had previously thought.“I gave the best performance that I could, which is all that really matters to me,” said Thatai.

Both Thatai and Hoyle feel strongly that music is an important and beneficial hobby. “The world would be so incredibly boring without music,” said Hoyle. “I believe music is such a crucial form of art  for those wanting to express their feelings and share them with the world and anyone who will listen.”

Thatai and Hoyle will be performing alongside nine other PFHS students at Woodgrove High School on Saturday, Feb 8. The choir is open to the public, so anyone who is interested is able to attend.