It’s Bo Time


A brand-new Bojangles is making an appearance, and we’re all excited.

   Many people have heard of Bojangles, but not many have had the pleasure of eating there due to how far they are from home. This is all going to change, because they are now building a new restaurant right in Potomac Run Plaza near Target and Michaels. This Bojangles is estimated to be up in running in late 2020-early 2021 according to

   For those who are not familiar with Bojangles, it is an American regional chain of fast food restaurants, specializing in cajun seasoning, fried chicken, and buttermilk biscuits. It primarily serves the Southeastern United States and originated in Charlotte NC in 1977. Bojangles is a cheaper option compared to the beloved KFC and Popeyes. The biscuits are bigger and if you are a senior citizen, you get a free iced tea. 

   If you have never had Bojangles before, I would strongly suggest you give it a try when it opens up.