What’s New to Netflix: March 2020


See what new shows and movies are being added to Netflix’s catalog, both new and old, and if they truly are binge-worthy enough.

As a new month comes around, Netflix is gearing up to add new movies and TV shows to the app, and March’s selection does not disappoint. Here is a list of highly anticipated movies and shows coming to Netflix US in March, and when they’re coming to a screen near you: 


If you want to unlock a deep-seated memory of your childhood, you can reminisce by watching Hugo, an animated film set in the 1930’s that tells the story of an orphan boy named Hugo (voiced by Asa Butterfield), who’s job is to tend to the inner workings of clocks. Along the way, he encounters relics of his family and he begins his quest on finding a place to call his own. You can watch Hugo on Netflix on March 1.

Kung Fu Panda 2

We all rememeber our favorite Kung Fu fighting panda, Po, and his heartfelt animated story. The sequel to the original movie describes Po’s journey as the newly proclaimed Dragon Warrior and how he must revisit his past in order to save China and his family. You can watch Kung Fu Panda 2 oin Netflix on March 1. 

 Space Jam

Fans of the infamous Michael Jordan can watch this movie on replay starting March 1. The movie, which is still widely recognized today 24 years after its original release date, shows Jordan and Bugs Bunny teaming up as universes mix together to defeat Swackhammer, an evil alien theme park owner. The movie’s cast is also legendary, it includes: Larry Bird, Charles Barkley, and Larry Johnson.

The Shawshank Redemption

It seems that Netflix is debuting the most popular films all on the same day, because this movie will also be available to stream starting on March 1. One of the most popular historical movies ever made, The Shawshank Redemption shows the lives of two black men, both in jail for 19 years, as they form an unbreakable bond amongst the brutality they faced in jail. Andy Dufresne, played by Tim Robbins, and Red, played by Morgan Freeman were highly recognized for their acting in this historical classic.

Lil Peep: Everybody’s Everything

 Even after his untimely death at just 21 years of age, Lil Peep’s influence on the music world still lives on today. A Netflix orignal documentary, Lil Peep: Everybody’s Everything shows viewers an inside scoop into his life as a rap phenomenon, and what unfolded up until his passing. Netlix users can stream this documentary on March 4.

On My Block: Season 3

This Netflix original show took the world by storm, and the anticipation for this new season is through the roof. On My Block is set in the inner parts of South Central Los Angeles, and it highlights the lives of four best friends as they stray away from the normal teenage lifestyle and find themselves arms deep in gangs, violence, and so much romance. The third season will follow up the cliffhanger left at the end of Season 2, and from the looks of the teaser trailers, fans are in for a roller coaster ride of emotions.