Calling All Science Enthusiasts, The Government Just Released UFO Footage

The Pentagon has released official footage of what seems to be real UFO’s entering the atmosphere, and it is sparking massive inquiries from fellow alien believers all over the country.

From movies like “Alien” to “E.T.”, the concept of aliens or extraterrestrial creatures has boggled the minds of most people for decades. They have always wondered if other forms could live or breathe the way humans do. Are they green, extremely tall, and have abnormally large heads? Or do they look exactly like us?

While photos of what seem to be UFOs on American soil have been leaked before, nothing has blown up so quickly as the footage the Pentagon leaked on April 23, 2020 which shows flying objects “that seemed to defy the laws of physics”. The videos were originally taped in 2004 and and 2015 and were kept under wraps by the U.S. Navy up until this point.

Getting reassurance from the U.S. government that there seems to be suspicious activity from otherworldly forces is a huge step in scientific discoveries. As per The New York Times, “[these videos] only scratch the surface of research and materials available.” It seems that this footage is the spark needed to conduct further investigation of whether aliens are truly real or not, and if they are a threat to society.

What most people don’t know is that these videos were actually leaked years beforehand, and yet, the Pentagon is only now confirming that the footage is seemingly suspicious. Seeing these videos reappear with some level of investigation is a huge breakthrough in the scientific world.

Despite the official release of these videos to the public, unfortunately just like all other UFO evidence that people have dug up in the past, absolutely nothing is concrete enough to prove that aliens are real. The Pentagon has kept their sentiments on the footage very brief, stating that it is simply an “unidentified aerial phenomena”. 

Some individuals are simply not convinced by the footage and are diving deeper into the evidence given to them. “Put another way, we are wired to look for aliens,” said Forbes. “And to convince ourselves we’ve found them if we don’t take a more critical look at the evidence.”

It seems as though the world may also be very caught up in the phenomenon behind the discovery of aliens, so any slight indication that points to them being real turns heads fast.

Whether you are a die-hard believer of aliens, or you occasionally read about the possible proof that aliens exist, more and more evidence is slowly coming to light about this global theory.

So, for the time being, watch some more “Buzzfeed Unsolved: Supernatural” and the entire “Alien” movie series to get your mind churning about extraterrestrial creatures and who knows, maybe someday the world will meet a friend who is “three million light years from home”.