How PFHS Student Council Association is Keeping Up With the Times

In an effort to remain as current with the times as possible, The PFHS SCA developed a bright and adventurous idea that is sure to get all members of the community involved. The new idea? BOOS! 

Up to this point, the school year progressed completely online, and school activities are limited if not null. Of course, the council must adhere to the various social distancing guidelines, so the interpersonal activities that make a fun school year are difficult to come by.

Boos are a creative way to initiate an activity within your community and share a domino effect of treats. To start, you must get boo’d first. If you notice there isn’t any booing in your neighborhood, you may start your own domino effect. Start off by creating your own boo basket with candy and other fall goodies, and share with another Panther or community member. Make sure to include the rules of the game to ensure that once someone receives their own basket, they create another to share. 

With this new activity, all safety guidelines are met as members of SCA will stay masked up and distanced from each other in their respective neighborhoods, while walking around booing others.

Senior Abby Bates already made plans to try and take pictures with the community as SCA starts the fun domino effect of an activity. The new activity will be one of the first activities to come out of the SCA classroom during this fully virtual year. Be on the lookout and happy SPOOKY SZN!