LCPS Unanimously Decides to Change Weekly Schedule

LCPS Unanimously Decides to Change Weekly Schedule

The return back to an “ABAB” schedule

The new, online school year under strict social distancing guidelines forced students to adapt to new ways of learning. It started with shock, when students found out that they would be following a different school schedule than we were used to. The “AABB” schedule was enacted as a way to prevent distance learning from being too overwhelming. As students adjusted to the structure for the academic year, the Loudoun County School Board threw yet another curveball. They are changing the way the weekly schedule looks, and abolishing the “AABB” schedule. Starting the week of Nov 4. 2020, LCPS students will begin following an “ABAB” schedule for their distance learning school days.

Students have mixed emotions about the sudden change to their schedules. As the first week of the second quarter begins, most students are finally getting into the dynamic of online working. The AABB schedule initially seemed flawed because it felt like all the information was being packed into two days and then not revisited for a week. “I do feel like I had a lot of adjusting to do with the AABB schedule,” said Freshman Mariam Tafwed. “Before distance learning, I wasn’t familiar with it, and so when we started it was all just so foreign and strange. I had to learn how to manage my time wisely and spread my work out evenly,” 

On the other hand, AABB scheduling was convenient to students because they were able to handle half of their classes in the first part of the synchronous week, and then not have to worry about them until the following week. “I have grown to like it. it originally seemed like I was swamped with work, but I kind of like just getting all my classes over with consecutively,” said Sophomore Emma Meehan.  The AABB schedule made it easier to learn more information in a shorter learning period, but the issue was retaining the knowledge into the next week.

So, what exactly will an ABAB schedule look like? As currently planned, no changes to students daily schedules were made. Mondays will continue to be asynchronous learning days for everyone. Every Tuesday and Thursday will be A days, and every Wednesday and Friday will be B days. 

Students are very vocal with their opinions on the sudden change. A Petition was made on to “Keep the AABB schedule.” Students commented under this petition their reasons for signing, one being, “We get more time to work with the AABB Schedule.” 

Although most students were not fans of the new AABB schedule to begin with, they grew to appreciate it. Now that it is being changed again, many are wondering if reverting back to our old schedule will take more unnecessary adjusting. This school year has been full of surprises, and the changes do not seem to be stopping anytime soon.