First-Time Voters Share Their Thoughts on the 2020 Presidential Election


What led these first-time voters to participate in the election, and why voting is important to them

The 2020 presidential election made history for having the highest voter turnout an election in the United States has ever seen. Besides the controversy surrounding both candidates, Donald Trump and Joe Biden, and the tension between the current republican and democratic party, the monumental voter turnout can largely be attributed to the new generation of voters. 

In the past, the rates of older voters has been consistently higher than the rate of younger voters. In recent years, however, youth participation in government has been at an all time high, and by 2024, the two younger and older generations of voters are expected to be equal, according to The Atlantic. 

Among the many first-time voters who participated in the 2020 presidential election is senior Hannah Margeson. “This election was important to me because it was my first opportunity to have my voice heard, and with everything going on in the world right now, I felt like there was so much riding on this election for the future of our Country,” said Margeson. “I think it’s important to vote because our Country is run by the people, and if you want your opinions and voice to be heard, then it’s important to do your small part in voting for the person you believe best represents your ideas.” 

Senior Thomas Leipzig also made his debut as a first-time voter in the election. “[I voted] in person because it was my first time voting and I wanted it to feel closer to the real experience… It was important to me because it was my first time voting and it was a very heated election, and I felt very passionate about my candidate,” said Leipzig. Leipzig also emphasized the importance of citizen’s participation in elections,and believes that, “being an active and informed citizen is one of the fundamental aspects of America and its democracy.” 

When asked if she’d still have participated in the election if different candidates were running, senior Chloe St. Francis explained why she still would have voted. “I would’ve voted no matter what candidates were running. I would want to express my opinion because our votes are responsible for shaping the future,” said St. Francis. 

First-time voter and senior Matthew Weber chose to vote by mail. “I didn’t really feel comfortable going to the polls [because of] Covid, but I knew the presidential election was important to vote in,” said Weber. “Elected officials represent the voice of the people, so it’s important to pick someone who you think will do a good job representing your voice,” said Weber. 

Youth involvement in government has never been so prominent in the United States, and if it continues to grow at the current rate it’s at, it is safe to say that the new generations of voters and politicians will be highly influential in determining the future of our nation.