A Look Into the iPhone 13


What Changes Lie Ahead for Apple’s Upcoming iPhone?

With the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro max just released, rumors regarding the iPhone 13 have already started to make their way around the world. With a generous expected release date of late 2021, Apple Insider predicts some drastic changes. These changes could include removing the lightning port to support wireless charging, and of course adding another camera. 

Generally, the iPhone 13 will not see many exterior feature changes, most likely mirroring the design of the iPhone 12 and its flat sides. The added camera will be the most noticeable difference – for improved optimal zoom. It is also rumored that the notch at the top of the iPhone screen will be reduced, if not removed altogether, for a flawless, continuous screen all around. However, this reduced notch poses a challenge, for face ID sensors will need to be smaller.  It is also possible for touch ID to make a comeback within the display or possibly the power button. LiDAR, the additional sensor for the pro iPhone camera systems, could also come standard in the iPhone 13. All the extra power in the camera system would mean improved low-light pictures, better ultra-wide and wide lenses, and overall adaptability. 

One might ask where these future iPhone rumors originate, and put simply, developmental leaks happen more often than we think. Moreover, the bulk of the information is often obtained from supply chain information and patents, which give clues and small insights as to what the future blueprint of the iPhone 13 looks like. This vague information, coupled with curiosity and often imagination, results in predictions that only time will tell.