Jaelyn Hawes: Potomac Falls’ Next Best Gymnast


Photo by: Abby Bates

New edition to the Gymnastics team, freshman Jaelyn Hawes brings a great first season. 

9.1, 9.25, 8.75, 8.65. Those are just a few of the scores that Jaelyn Hawes collected in her first year as a Potomac Falls gymnast. Finishing off an impressive season, Hawes has become an athlete to keep your eye on. Hawes started her gymnastics career a decade ago, and her skills certainly show it. Hawes’ scores were talked about frequently during the winter gymnastics season: “Shout out to our gymnast Jaelyn Hawes who finished second overall in a four team meet Tuesday night!  She placed second in bars & beam….with a score of 9.1, Jaelyn WON the floor routine—best out of 23!! Keep it up–Go Panthers!” from @pfhsathletics on twitter on Jan 6, 2021.

Life in the gym started 10 years ago for Hawes.“I was inspired to do gymnastics by my mom who was a gymnast at Ohio State, and I really wanted to follow in her footsteps.” said Hawes. Her mother has been a great inspiration to her throughout her career. “She never misses a meet, and she is always pushing me to do better.” 

Hawes’ career began at Apex gymnastics, where she gave seven years of her talent before switching to G-force gymnastics. The setting in a club gym was much different for Hawes than competing for the Potomac Falls team. “We would go five days a week for six hours, and we had very difficult routines. For Potomac Falls gymnastics, we all just try our hardest and have fun,” said Hawes.

Although Hawes’ first season with PFHS Gymnastics may have looked different due to COVID-19 restrictions, she still made the most of her freshman year as an athlete. “We are working with what we got and we are having a good time,” said Hawes regarding having to adapt to a different type of gym environment. Hawes has stayed motivated despite having an abnormal season. When experiencing a trying time in her sport, Hawes reflected on what encouraged her to stay driven: “My mom would always tell me to push through and keep going even when I was tired and had been at the gym the past three days. I think that’s the best advice because I could have so easily given up because of the hours and commitment I put into gymnastics.”

Despite accomplishing so much in only her first year on the team, Hawes has remained humble about her admirable season. “I have had many years of experience with gymnastics, and I know that has helped me be successful,” said Hawes. Potomac Falls gets three more years of Hawes’ talent on the team, and who knows what more she will bring. “I think my teammates and coaches are really proud of me and I am excited to see what the next season holds,” said Hawes. Along with teammates, coaches, and parents, the students of Potomac Falls are also looking forward to what Hawes has in store.