Making Her Mark: A Glimpse At A Girl Chasing Her Fashion Dreams


In this article, we take a look at junior Elise Cantrell’s passion for fashion in her new small business endeavor.

Last seen on the cover of the 2020 Spring issue of The Roar Magazine as one of the most fashionable kids at Potomac Falls, junior Elise Cantrell has not stopped being an inspiration for high school students interested in the fashion industry. 

Now, Cantrell has found a calling for sustainable fashion, wherein she travels to her local thrift stores to create repurposed outfits, with no hesitation to keep them fashionable with the times. 

Cantrell has taken her knack for fashion to the next level and has begun creating style bundles specifically crafted to each of her customers. As she likes to put it, “Fashion [is] how [you] present how confident [you] are to the world and how [you’re] not afraid to dress differently.” 

Her chosen platform for her newly created small business is TikTok, to keep her work “personal, unlike Depop and without the fees.” Cantrell has broadened her love for fashion through this new idea, and she does not have plans to stop anytime soon. 

“My favorite thing about style bundles is definitely meeting a ton of new people who love fashion just as much as me. Also, I get paid to basically thrift and spread sustainability,” said Cantrell. 

Despite the highs of starting her very own fashion business, Cantrell has had her fair share of challenges with this new endeavor. 

“The most challenging part is definitely communication. Sometimes people don’t understand why I price the way I do, or don’t check their phone often to see my notifications,” said Cantrell. 

From stealing her sister’s clothes to try and become her most fashionable self to making her latest mark on the fashion world, Cantrell is on course to promote  safe, trendy, and eco-friendly fashion. 

With her combined creativity and marketing skills, Cantrell has made her platform enticing to aspiring customers. She has even made specific themed bundles, such as 90’s Grunge, Y2K All the Way, Soft Princess, Fairy Grunge, and Bratz Doll. 

Alongside that, Cantrell knows her audience, and she knows how to price modestly for the work she is committed to doing. Her bundles start at roughly 35 dollars, and increase depending on the amount of clothes bought in the bundle. 

Cantrell has plans to expand from her Tiktok platform to her own website and even a full time job. 

“This process has taught me the power fashion has to an even bigger extent, and it’s reinforced every time I make someone so happy just through what I give them,” said Cantrell. 

If you are interested in purchasing a style bundle from Cantrell, follow her on Tiktok @elisescantrell, or contact her on Instagram @elise.c7.