Get to Know Your Student Council Association


Potomac Falls’ SCA officers give us a behind the scenes look into the student council — sharing details about what they do, running for office, and even the effects of the pandemic on events.

Homecoming, tailgates, spirit weeks, and pep rallies. Those are just a few of the events that are back now that our school has adapted to in-person learning. But, do you know who’s behind these events?

Our very own Student Council Association here at Potomac Falls plans and coordinates most of these familiar school-based events.

Whether it be inside of school or outside, SCA works on creating a lively environment for the entire student body. “We mostly are just here to try to improve the school and create a better learning environment. We’re trying to work on bringing up school spirit right now, especially since half [of the students haven’t] even been in the school,” said senior Carris Morris, current president of SCA. 

As the head of SCA, Morris works on keeping things organized, getting things done, and being someone others can check in with to ask questions. 

SCA Vice President, senior Daniel Pappalardo went into depth about SCA but more specifically, what role he plays. “As vice president, I am kind of second-in-command in SCA. A big majority of what we do is for homecoming, but it really is like we’re the congregation of the student government for our school so we coordinate activities, pep rallies for example. Besides homecoming, we coordinate spirit weeks, stuff like that. We do the announcements too, I’ve done that a couple days, that’s pretty cool. I guess we just represent the student body as a whole,” said Pappalardo.

Last time we were able to host events like pep rallies and homecoming, Morris and Pappalardo were just sophomores. “It hasn’t like hit that I’m a senior, it has definitely not because I haven’t been here in like a year and a half but soon it will. I mean I haven’t had a test yet so when that happens, it’s gonna be rough,” said Pappalardo. 

Regardless, they both are excited to carry on the traditional events from years past for most of the school who has yet to participate in them. “It’s definitely weird, I do feel younger than I am but it’s really exciting to be a part of the team that makes everything happen,” said Morris.

Both officers have had some experience in the past with SCA related events and event planning. Their experience in Freshman Advisory Board (FAB) and Sophomore Advisory Board (SOAB) has acted as incentive to run as SCA officers. In 2019 when Morris served as a SOAB officer she helped out with decorating her class’s hallway for homecoming. Pappalardo recalled the fun he experienced as an eighth grade student government officer, “I did this in eighth grade and I did vice president so I was like maybe this would be similar, but also I wanted to, I don’t know, just kind of see how it would go. I’m interested in this kind of stuff.”

As homecoming creeps closer, many are curious about how it will be held and what safety measures will be taken. Morris said, “Right now, I’m excited for homecoming because I think a lot of the underclassmen are really excited for it. It’s going to look a little different this year but I hope it’s still fun.” 

A huge modification that was made to the dance is that it will have to be outside, on the football field. Clearly much different than the dances from years before, but effective in keeping everyone safe. “I think we should just try to stay safe but I want it to be as pre-pandemic as possible,” said Pappalardo.

Regardless of how different these events may look, SCA officers encourage you to come out and participate, especially to underclassmen who have never experienced these events before. “For me as a freshman coming in and seeing all the pep rally stuff and going to homecoming, that was definitely important for me when I came into the school. So for all of the underclassmen who have not been here at all, it’s important to me that we give them all that experience,” said Pappalardo. 

“I would say just go and see for yourself. I mean because it’s a different experience explaining it than actually going because there’s a lot of things that you will miss if you stay at home instead of going to things, which I found out myself. But it just comes with confidence, that’s it.” 

SCA promotes the importance of making memories with your friends. “I think it’s the most fun if you make it fun, so just remember to have fun with your friends and try to go to everything you can and just have a lot of school spirit,” said Morris.