Smells Like Sophomore Spirit


Sophomore Advisory Board elected new officers for the 2021-2022 school year and is preparing for their first ever homecoming dance. One of those officers is on our staff and is here to give you the inside scoop into all things SOAB.

Planning pep rally skits, deciding this year’s homecoming stairwell theme, and electing candidates for new positions are just a few of the many things Sophomore Advisory Board has been up to lately. Elections for this year’s officers took place on Sep 10, and results came out Sep 13. This year’s elected officers are Danya Al-Haddad as President, Mariam Tafwed as Vice President, Lily Jacobs as Activities Coordinator, and me, Anna Claire Campbell, as Public Relations. This week, we have been working on collaborating with the whole class, not just SOAB, with decorating our stairwell, buying decorations, creating DIY decor, and rehearsing skits. 

A handful of candidates created campaign posters advertising their names, slogans, and positions. In the running for activities coordinator, Jacobs went with the more creative choice of advertising her campaign through a pop culture reference and a clever slogan. “I chose to do Jay-Z as a campaign poster to make myself stand out. My initial thought was if someone were to walk by, whether they think it’s great or dumb, they would at least keep it in the back of their head and remember my name,” said Jacobs. 

All candidates were required to record a campaign video that would be shown during advisory. Tafwed recorded and edited a sleek speech stating what she wanted to do this year, how she was going to do it, and a small persuasion to vote for her. “I wanted to make my video appealing to my age group, and I wanted to express my passion for  improving the school. I thought a simple spoken message to my grade would be best so they know exactly what I strive to do this school year. Of course, I had to tell our class that I would try to involve Chick-Fil-A at events as best I can,” said Tafwed. 

This year’s club participation has triumphed over the small amount of students who showed up to Freshman Advisory Board meetings via Google Meet. Al-Haddad, President of the class this year and last year, has had a different experience with this club this school year already. “Last year we didn’t have much people from class of 2024, but this year we are packed. We have got designs and ideas going left and right. There is a lot of communication of energy in the room this year,” said Al-Haddad. 

As for myself, as the Public Relations Officer, I am thrilled to be back in the building and working together with my peers. It’s super exciting feeling all of the school spirit with the other officers and the class sponsor, Mrs. Hill. Next week’s rush of school spirit includes skits before school, a pep rally, and of course our homecoming football game and dance. This year’s homecoming truly does feel like a coming home.