Hooray for Hollywood


The theme for this year’s homecoming dance is Hollywood and the SCA is planning for the first-ever outdoor Hoco dance

Homecoming has been an annual tradition since the early 19th century, where numerous universities held these events in honor of welcoming back students and faculty. One has seen this in a variety of shows, such as in Pretty Little Liars or The Vampire Diaries, where Homecoming dances are the pinnacle of the episodes, events in which drama in the show becomes more heightened. Nowadays, this tradition is considered “an important transition into high school,”  according to journalist Carolyn Twersky from Seventeen. Homecoming generally occurs after the much anticipated homecoming football game, taking place in either late September or early October. 

This significance, especially illustrated this year, is “incredibly important” said SCA Public Relations Officer, sophomore Arjun Setty. “For underclassmen, it’ll be one of their first experiences as a part of the Panther Family, and for seniors, it’ll be one of their last. It’s undeniable that last year brought struggles for every single one of us. This is why [the SCA’s] goal is to make homecoming a reconciliation,” said Setty.

“Hollywood” was the theme that was selected by the Student Council. Needless to say, there were some who felt as if the theme just wasn’t “the right one”. Sophomore Sana Khawaja, suggested that, “Other themes would’ve made more sense than [Hollywood].”

Khawaja continued her argument that, “Vegas would’ve been so much better. With that theme, the [Student Council] would’ve been able to come up with more creative ideas not only for the dance, but also for other decorating stuff.”

Despite the comments, senior and SCA member Natalie Quisbert approached the backlash in a different perspective, saying that the SCA “chose Hollywood as this year’s theme by asking ideas from the students and voted on what would be the easiest to come up with ideas for decorations.”

 Setty explained that the other contenders were, “Vegas/Casino, Hawaiian Luau, and Outer Space/Under the Stars.” Setty added on by saying, “Deciding on Hollywood was a tough decision, given how amazing some of the other suggestions were, but Hollywood was more popular among the student body, as well as with the Student Council members and sponsors.”

The current price of tickets is $15, as the SCA’s main goal is to encourage more individuals to come out. As Quisbert noted, “For homecoming, [the SCA] has to follow COVID protocols, which is why we are having homecoming outside on the tennis courts.” 

The SCA, in addition, intends to have tents set up, in case social distancing is unable to take place on the tennis courts. Adhering to LCPS guidance, there is no mask requirement, as the dance will be occurring outside. However, if LCPS guidance were to shift, the SCA would comply. 

Although the full list of activities are not finalized, Quisbert revealed that a photo booth will be at the event, along with a spirit week during the week leading up to the dance.

Sophomore and SCA member Dominique Tacaraya admits that “planning Homecoming is a little harder than most years would be, since protocols are always changing and new rules have appeared.”

Nevertheless, Tacaraya remains firm on her stance that “the goal for this year’s homecoming is to get as many people involved in school activities as [the SCA] can.” 

The dance begins on Sep 25 at 8 pm until 11 pm, but don’t forget the football game the day before, on Sep 24 at 7 pm.