Bike Racks Overflowing at PFHS


Alternative options to getting to and from Potomac Falls are becoming more common, as we take a look at the bike rack dilemma here at school.

    Biking is becoming more and more of an option for some people, with a shortage of buses to go around, the COVID risks sitting on a bus has, and the fact that biking is a healthier way of transportation. People are starting to bike to school now, and that means more bikes will be needed to be put in the bike racks outside. There is becoming a shortage of space in these bike racks, and it’s becoming difficult to keep bikes in a safe place. 

    Riding a bike, for some, is the quickest way of transportation. “[Biking] was quicker than walking, and I didn’t have another way to get to school,” said junior Peyton Moyer.

    Not only is it the quickest way, but it is the only way for a few. Junior Jefferson Baird said, “(I bike) because I don’t have a bus.” 

    With bus shortages going around the county, people are beginning to choose biking, since second loads create a delay in arriving or leaving the school. According to the Loudoun Times Mirror, as of Aug. 24, there were 86 vacancies for bus drivers leaving 50 unassigned routes. 

    Some reasons people may choose biking include health reasons, as biking is proven to be a healthy activity. According to Healthine, biking can reduce risk of stroke, heart disease, and diabetes. 

    Since there are so many bikers, the racks to store them in are running out of space. “Yeah, [it] looks like it’s overfilled frequently,” said D.J. Kline, the school’s security officer. “They do have trouble getting [their bikes] in.”

     Assistant Principal, Rodney Jones said that he’s seen racks being filled and students can have a hard time getting their bike out. “I’ve seen it overflow… and kids will have to wait, and that may deter them from getting off campus as fast as possible.” 

    Jones said the school is looking for ways to fix the problem of little space in the bike racks. “We had a couple of talks. We just have to go through a certain process, but there has been talks of trying to get at least one to two more racks,” said Jones. He clarified that there hasn’t been any damage or safety problems with the overfilled racks, saying “kids have been very respectful to one another as they all get their bikes.”

    Bike racks are important for people who bike to school and not having space could really make a difference for people who choose to get to school by bicycle. Unless new bike racks are installed, people might have to look to another option for transportation.