Club Closeup: French Honor Society


The French Honor Society is starting the year off right with meeting monthly and planning upcoming French week.

The French Honor Society is an organization for high school students to recognize their success and active involvement in French class. Induction into the club depends on the students’ grades in the last three semesters of French. Students must have at least an “A-”  in French and also have a “B” average for the rest of their class schedule. Students joining FHS should also plan to take further their high school French career. 

    This year, FHS is more involved hence the ability to meet in person since last year they were unable to. “This year students are full of ideas to become more visible,” said FHS club sponsor, Mme. Laurence Bertholet. The club’s participation for each meeting fluctuates, but according to Bertholet, there were about 20-25 students who joined FHS this school year. 

  As of Oct 29, the French Honor Society has had two meetings. Discussions at their meetings included collaborating with other foreign language societies to promote taking a world language class, and discussing their upcoming French week, which starts on Nov 15. French week’s purpose is to share French culture within the community, as well as increase everyone’s understanding of the language. 

    Students are invited into French Honors Society through their French teacher. Students’ efforts to the class and grades depend on whether or not they get invited to join. If the student gets an invitation and decides to join FHS, they are required to pay a $15 fee and accept the invitation via Google Form. After accepting the invitation, all students are initiated into FHS by an induction ceremony where they vow their commitment to the club and understand their responsibilities as a member.

    According to junior Jack Pilaro, the process of joining FHS was simple. “The process was slight. It was not hard to get in at all. You just have to be in an honors French class and have decent language skills to get in,” said Pilaro. 

    Members of FHS additionally have to vote for officers to lead the club. Leadership for this year’s French Honors Society include seniors Julia Hoffman as president, Leila Faour as vice president, Samantha Medford as secretary, and Kaitlin Borden as treasurer. 

     Hoffman strives to make efforts to make everyone feel welcomed and have a part of their own. “Since I want this club to have as much involvement as possible, I try to share some of the responsibilities with the club members so they can prepare for when they will be officers,” said Hoffman. 

    French Honor Society is considered a privilege to get into. Members have to turn in volunteer hours every semester on a paper log.  Although service hours aren’t necessarily required, they are encouraged by the club. Members should also attend monthly meetings to stay involved and to hear about approaching events. 

    Like many other clubs here at Potomac Falls, French Honor Society is a lively environment. Vice President of FHS, senior Leila Faour, mainly enjoys the community aspect of the club. “My favorite part [about FHS] would honestly be the people,” said Faour. “It’s fun to talk in French with other members because it’s like a code language.”

    Don’t forget that French week is coming up on Nov 15, so join in on French Honor Society’s activities and discussions. For French students interested in joining– keep up your grades not only in French but all of your classes. Even if you speak more “Frenglish” than actual French, consider thinking about how you can get invited to join French Honor Society.