10 (Creative) Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas


No time to pull together an extravagant halloween costume? No worries, use easy to find items and pull together a just as creative, last minute costume with items you can ACTUALLY find in your closet.

2021 has brought back a number of traditions that were put on pause during the pandemic era of 2020. With one of those being halloween social events, you may find yourself scrambling to pull a costume together. Suddenly forgetting every good idea you came up with over the years is practically a normal human experience. When pinterest runs dry and the aisles of the Spirit Halloween are empty, turn to these quick and easy ideas that you can recreate with items you are sure to have. 

1. Fairy 

There is no reason why a last minute costume should not be cute. Look for dainty, pale colored clothing such as skirts and ballet flats of a similar color. Find a stray pencil to use as a magic wand. Have time to run to target? Buy a pair of fairy wings from the costume section and the look is pulled together, quick and easy. 

2. Kim Possible

Possibly the easiest and most recognizable cartoon character costume, pulling together a Kim Possible look would be impossibly easy. Just dig up some green pants, a black shirt, and a brown belt with some combat boots. Extra points if you are a redhead. 

3. M&M

A classic DIY halloween costume, this sweet treat is sure to get you some sweet reactions. Just find a solid colored t-shirt from your closet that resonates with your favorite M&M color. Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Green, Brown, practically any color will do. And then using a paper, pencil, and scissors, trace and cut out the “M&M” print to tape onto your shirt.

4. Black Cat 

A classic symbol of halloween and all things spooky, a black cat may just be the easiest last minute costume there is. Snoop around for any black articles of clothing, and utilize your favorite black eyeliner to perfect some fake whiskers on your face. 

5. Vampire 

An easy to create and easy to recognize look that only requires an outfit consisting of dark colors. Some key colors to use could be Black, purple, and red. If you have time to run out to the store on a whim, grab some fake fangs from the halloween section and some fake blood to secure the signature vampire look. 

6. Fruit 

An easy solo or group costume, just pick any brightly colored shirt you own and cut out corresponding details. An apple? Just wear a red shirt and green pants. An orange? Just an orange shirt and a diy paper leaf. Get your friends on board and become an assortment of fruity fun.

7. Boxer

Whether or not you have a pair of spare boxing gloves, recreating this look is quick and easy. Grab some long gym shorts, a big t-shirt, and throw on a robe. If you have boxing gloves laying around, this is the perfect creative costume. 

8. Scarecrow 

An easy and spooky look, transforming into a scarecrow will be no hassle at all. Grab an old flannel, some jeans, and a straw hat. Throw on some boots and stick some straw in your sleeves. Girls can braid their hair for an added scarecrow effect. 

9. Decades 

Pick your favorite decade and run with it! Nearly everyone has some articles of clothing in their closet that can resonate with looks from the 60’s through the 2000’s. Flare jeans? Become a 70’s hippie. Neon tights? Say you are from the 80’s. The possibilities are endless when you start searching for the right items. 

10. Tourist 

Take a trip to your closet and pick out your tackiest Hawaiian shirt, cargo shorts, and fanny pack combination. White sneakers with long socks will pull the look together. Grab a suitcase to stuff some candy in and bring your favorite sunglasses for the ultimate tourist look.