A Veteran Educator Crosses the Potomac To Join PFHS


Potomac Falls High School welcomes a new addition to the Administrative Team.

    As you pass the main office in Potomac Falls High School, you may notice a new face. Mr. Kenneth Trotman comes to Panther territory as a new assistant principal after having served in the same role in Frederick, Maryland. 

    In the past, Trotman taught abroad in El Salvador and Cambodia. “In El Salvador, I taught ESL and Physical Education to students in juvenile prisons and orphanages. In Cambodia, I served as an Athletic Director and taught multiple subjects at an accredited international school,” said Trotman.

    Having worked both as a teacher and an administrator, Trotman compares the two experiences. “Teaching and administration are different in the amount of time administrators get to work directly with students. As an administrator, I get to work more with parents and community members,” said Trotman.

    Trotman began in mid-November, during the asynchronous week, and greeted students and staff upon their return on Nov 8. He will serve as the administrator for Career & Technical Education(CTE), Fine & Performing Arts, Social Science and Global Studies, and Science. “I also have the opportunity to serve as the administrator for all students who have last names A-Gn,” said Trotman. 

    Trotman researched PFHS when he saw the opening for the job posted in the second month of school. “Along with being closer to family,” said Trotman. “I wanted to join PFHS for its school community and strong academic environment.”

    In just a few short weeks at PFHS, Trotman has found his groove. “My favorite part of working here has been the opportunity to meet the incredible teachers and staff I get to work with on a regular basis,” said Trotman.

    Despite being new to PFHS, Trotman already has goals in mind for this school year. “My premiere goal is to listen and learn from students, community members, and teachers. I hope to build positive rapport with PFHS staff, students, and families as I adapt to this new role,” said Trotman.

Outside of school, Trotman has a variety of hobbies. “I love playing basketball, listening to audiobooks/podcasts, and hanging out with my three kids. I also have a strong interest in learning languages and learning about other cultures,” said Trotman.

    If you see Mr. Kenneth Trotman in the hallways during school, don’t hesitate to give him a warm Panther welcome.