6 Tips to Stay Motivated Between Thanksgiving and Christmas Break


That awkward stretch of school after Thanksgiving break but before winter break can be quite trying and stressful for students just needing some relaxation. How can you stay motivated and make the time go by quicker? Here are some tips to help make the time before the break more productive. 

After getting a little taste of break during the last week of November, students realized that the relaxed energy of not having to go to school was something they craved. This small taste of tranquility, however, can also prevent students from doing their work when they are welcomed back. With the last week of school before break approaching, staying motivated to keep up with your school work can be a very, very trying task. In case you are in need of some tips and reminders to keep yourself going through the start of winter break, here are a few you may find helpful. 


1. Plan out your work at the start of the week

During the three weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, if you are going to do it at any time during the school year, is the best time to practice organization and planning. Using a notebook planner, app, or even just a sticky note, planning out your week on Sunday night may help the days go by quicker, and you will know what to expect each day at school. Write down assignments due, tests, quizzes, and homework that needs to be completed with the corresponding due date. It may also help to write down which days you have extracurricular activities, where you have to come in for school early or stay late, so you can maximize productivity. Looking at your week at a glance can help make your schedule seem less overwhelming, and will make your tasks more digestible. 

2. Reserve time each day to complete homework or studying

The few hours between when you get home from school and when you go to bed sometimes feel like they go by in the blink of an eye. But there is plenty of time in there to complete even just a few productive tasks. In order to stay on top of your classes and workload, you should be sure to plan out a certain amount of time each night to dedicate to completing your required work for the day. The feeling of accomplishment each night will help motivate you to continue on with good habits until the inevitable reward of a nice, two week break from madness. 

3. Start studying for tests before the night before the test 

four tests in one week? Or maybe even in one day? One way to prevent procrastination is to prepare beforehand. Create notes a week in advance for all the lessons that you need to study. Creating quizlets and flashcards can be helpful as well and having these resources provided to you well before test day will motivate you to review while also giving you a better understanding.   

4. Try to finish all outstanding work before break starts

Imagine the feeling of no lingering homework hanging above your head for two whole weeks? A feeling most of us probably have not been able to experience summer. Turning in all those missing assignments will be one task your future self thanks you for. And if for some reason teachers decide to give you homework over winter break, try to complete it before holiday celebrations ensue in order to minimize procrastination and the probable neglect of those assignments. 

5. Keep going even if you get tired 

The feeling of growing tired during the lengthy, slow hours of completing what feels like endless assignments is usually enough to draw you towards a stopping point. Usually I do condone getting a healthy amount of sleep every night, but with a lengthy break approaching, you will have plenty of time to catch up on your sleep after all your work is done. One way to eliminate stress is to make sure you finish all your tasks for the day, and will not have to carry anything over with you into the next day. This promotes productivity, and who does not love the feeling of crossing things off your to do list? I promise the feeling of having your work done when you wake up will overpower any amount of tiredness you face. 

6. Give yourself something to look forward to over break

Whether you have exciting plans for break or not, giving yourself something to look forward to over your two week break will make the days prior go by faster. Make plans with friends or family so that you have even more incentive to finish all of your work before break begins. After one and a half tough quarters, you deserve some fun.