The Return of Our Childhood


Toys R Us is back and bigger than ever.

Many may remember the day when it was announced that Toys R Us was going bankrupt and closing all of its locations. We remember the mad crowds as people bought out the last of Toys R Us’s stock at the Toys R Us that used to be in Potomac Run Plaza, replaced with a Regency Furniture store. And when the dust cleared, all that was left of Toys R Us were memories and the last of the toys that they sold. 

If you don’t know already (or couldn’t guess by the name), Toys R Us was a brick-and-mortar store that had hundreds of locations across the USA, and naturally, sold toys. Many parents took their children to Toy R Us to pick out toys, buy Christmas and birthday presents, and generally do what most would do at a store that sells all kinds of toys. 

However, on Sep 18, 2017 when the Toys R Us franchise filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, in order to deal with their five billion dollar debt. Chapter 11 bankruptcy essentially means that the company that filed it can stay in business and restructure its obligations. Toys R Us filed for this Chapter in order to stay in business without having to maintain stores. 

And now, almost five years later, Toys R Us is coming back. Now, there definitely won’t be nearly as many stores opened in America: in fact only one will be opened. This store will be located in the American Dream store, NJ, and will be standalone in regards to US locations.

Currently Toys R Us’ online store is up and running, and today you are able to purchase items from the franchise that way. Outside of the US, Toys R Us has other stores opened in Europe, Australia, and other countries. Hopefully the future holds even more stores for those of us who don’t live in New Jersey, and we finally see the company make the comeback we all wanted.