Get’cha Head in the Game


Photo by: sofia szobasci

Dec 4 JV girls basketball game against Dominion

The JV Girls Basketball sports managers at Potomac Falls are in it to win it. Familiarizing themselves with a sport they don’t play and driving long distances to games are only a fraction of what they do.

There are three levels  of girls basketball at Potomac Falls High School: the freshman, JV and varsity teams. Playing since the school was founded 25 years ago, the girls basketball teams at PFHS are ones to watch out for. According to Carl Lukat of The Loudoun Times, “Potomac Falls prevailed in girls’ basketball games this winter season, with PFHS beating Park View last Monday 51 to 18.”

Along with each basketball player having the skills and determination to succeed, there are also factors behind the win as well. A major, yet rarely talked about factor are the students keeping check of who is winning.

Sophomore Sana Khawaja devotes her time to being one of two managers on the JV Girls Basketball team. Her job is to “basically keep score and [control] the clock during games,” said Khawaja. She adds on to say that “coaches are closely involved with the players, the sport, and the game constantly.”

This is Khawaja’s first year being a sports manager and the responsibilities that come with the position can, at times, seem daunting. Her least favorite part of managing would be “the amount of time it takes out of my day. I come home around 9 [PM] at away games and stay up until 2 [AM ]doing my homework,” said Khawaja.

Sophomore Dyan Pham agrees, “There are usually multiple games throughout the week and I would get home late, taking away time for my other responsibilities, including homework.”

The farthest she has traveled for basketball is to Heritage High School in Leesburg, which is  about 20 minutes away. Although the position can be time-consuming, being a basketball manager has a lot of rewarding aspects to it. Pham used to go to Sterling Middle, so at the recent away game at Park View, she was able to see her old friends play. “It was great seeing them again,” said Pham. 

Both Pham and Khawaja have always had an interest in basketball, but were reluctant to explore the idea until they found a sports manager opening on the JV Girls Basketball team. Pham was introduced to the idea of being a sports manager by one of her “friends [who] were managers of other sports before and said they enjoyed the experience, which piqued my interest in it,”said Pham

Pham chose JV Girls Basketball specifically because she “thought it would be a more comfortable and easy-going environment for people new to sports management,” said Pham.

Khawaja and Pham wanted to try something different that was out of their comfort zones. Saying she would “definitely do this next year because it is a great experience.” Pham is considering managing again next year, but the decision will  ultimately come down to “[balancing] other obligations I would have in the future,” said Pham.

Despite the uncertain futures for the both of them, they both remain clear on one thing: sports management is a great experience. Filled with tasks, responsibilities and a sense of community, sophomores Sana Khawaja and Dyan Pham recommend applying to a position. The JV Girls Basketball team is not the only team that offers team manager positions, so keep an eye out for the opportunity to help out with spring sports.