Writing with The Roar


Photo by: Molly DeHaven

On Jan 14, 2022, sophomores Anna Claire Campbell and Mariam Tafwed work together in newsmag.

The benefits of taking Newsmag, according to the Roar staff members themselves.

Newspaper Journalism, sometimes called Newsmag, is the class behind the Roar. Possibly the best sources for student produced information at PFHS. A fun, practical elective that teaches you skills you’ll actually need in your life. “I think that taking Newsmag improves your social skills and public speaking,” said sophomore Lily Jacobs, a first year Roar staffer.

Newspaper Journalism is an elective course you can take at PFHS. This course is a full year couserand is taught by adviser Emily Everett. It involves writing, editing, filming, photography and teamwork.

Newsmag is a class to learn life skills like time management, good work ethics, and good work-life balance. “Being a part of this class you also have to have good time management skills because we have deadlines which can jeopardize your grade if articles are late,” said sophomore Anna Claire Campbell.

Newsmag is also a great opportunity to learn valuable writing skills if you want to get into a writing or publishing career. In this class, you have the opportunity to take creative liberties with your writing and have your work published for all to see, both on the website (yes, the one you’re reading now) and in the Roar Magazine, which comes out three times a year. This elective also helps you refine grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

If you enjoy writing, editing, filming, and photography, this class may be right for you. And even if you don’t want to go into a writing career, Newsmag is still a fun class that gives you plenty of opportunities to interview people, take pictures for articles and much more.

There are three levels of Newspaper, I-III, with the third year being an Honors course according to LCPS, meaning students receive a GPA bump during their third year in the course. Each year, students can take advatange of different roles on staff and leadership opportunities including becoming an Editor-in-Chief, Video Editor, Photo Editor, Social Media Manager, and more.

All in all, Newsmag teaches valuable skills that you can apply to your adult life, giving you opportunities to publish your writing and embrace the exciting process of reporting on the latest news.