Death by Chocolate: Six Indulgent Recipes to Use Your Leftover Valentine’s Day Chocolate


Photo by: Pexels

Valentine’s Day has left us all with an overabundance of chocolate, from traditional Mexican cooking to indulgent cookies and ice cream, here are six recipes you can make with your leftovers from Feb 14.

    Valentine’s Day has passed, and whether you spent it swapping valentines with a special someone or alone on your couch binge-watching rom-coms and cramming Lindor Truffles in your mouth, everyone has found themselves with an excess of Valentine’s Day chocolate n the days following Feb 14. In America alone, 58 million pounds of chocolate are purchased every year in the week leading up to Valentine’s Day according to 

    Chocolate is one of the most popular and frequently craved foods in the world. Dark chocolate in particular can be incredibly beneficial for one’s health. Cocoa has more powerful antioxidant activity than blueberries or acai berries, and dark chocolate can reduce the risk of heart disease, improve brain function, and it produces and regulates serotonin and dopamine to improve one’s mood according to John’s Hopkins Medicine. 

    Chocolate is also an especially versatile ingredient. While chocolate’s rich flavor is most notably used in desserts, it’s often also incorporated into many savory dishes. Restaurants such as The Conche in Leesburg incorporate cocoa into nearly all of their cuisine, sweet and savory alike, and offer dishes such as a cocoa crusted ribeye and a hamburger with chocolate BBQ sauce, as well as a plethora of chocolate sweets. 

    Chocolate has been mass produced for decades. More than 15 million snickers, the #1 selling candy bars in America, are produced each day. However, chocolate also contains a rich history, having originated 5,300 years ago in ancient Mesoamerica as a medicinal ingredient that has transformed over thousands of years to become the sweet, velvety treat we know today. So rather than throwing away your leftover chocolate, attempting to eat it all in one sitting, or forgetting about it and letting it spoil, appreciate and utilize it by incorporating it into some toothsome recipes.

Chocolate Fondue

Fondue is a simple and convenient way to use up leftover Valentine’s chocolate. This recipe uses dark or semisweet chocolate, milk, and heavy cream to make a rich and decadent dip suitable for fruit, cookies and your other leftover Valentine’s Day treats.

Homemade Ice Cream 

Use your basic chocolate to make a delicious and irresistibly creamy ice cream, and add in your favorite chocolate candies for a little extra flare—M&M’s, truffle’s, caramel, coconut, etc. This recipe is no-churn, does not require an ice cream make,r and can be made using just your freezer.

Chocolate Chili

Also known as Mole, Chili Mole or Mole Poblano, this Aztec dish originated from the Oaxaca and Puebla regions of pre-hispanic Mexico, and was served during Aztec rituals and other festive occasions. While a chocolate-infused chili con carne may sound unconventional, it is popular throughout Latin America and is Mexico’s national dish. This recipe uses both cocoa and dark or semisweet chocolate, as well as traditional and American style chili ingredients.  Top with cheese or sour cream to balance out the spice and rich flavors from the chilli

Candy Cookies

These truffle-esque candy cookies are easy to make and adaptable to your preferences and the candy you already have on hand. This recipe transforms a holiday cookie into a perfect any-time-of-year treat and is great for using any chocolate candy you have leftover from Feb 14. This mouthwatering recipe uses bittersweet chocolate, white chocolate, mini peanut butter cups, and Mounds Bars which can be easily swapped with truffles or the chocolate candy of your choice.

Chocolate Barbeque Chicken

This recipe puts a twist on southern barbeque, using traditional barbeque ingredients with the addition of dark chocolate to give it a smooth and deep flavor, enhanced with cocoa powder and coffee. As well as chocolate, this recipe calls for cumin, cider vinegar, and brown sugar, and is great if you prefer a spicy, savory flavor profile.


A milkshake is perhaps the simplest and most convenient fix for excess chocolate and only takes five minutes to make. Use any ice cream you prefer and blend with milk and the candy of your choice to make an indulgent treat. This recipe makes a decadent shake using chocolate syrup, peanut butter, chopped Oreos, and peanut butter cups, all topped with whipped cream, cake and chocolate frosting.