When in Doubt, Shoot: Olivia DuHaime’s Journey to Breaking the PFHS Girls Varsity Basketball Record for Most Free Throws in a Season


senior Olivia DuHaime has a record-breaking senior season

One last hurrah. The culmination of four plus years of working towards advancing her basketball skills both on and off the court. For senior Olivia DuHaime, she broke more than just some backboards. She was able to make her mark as a PFHS record breaker for most free throws in a season on the varsity girls basketball team; 93 free throws.

DuHaime became aware of her accomplishment after her season with the team came to an end with the team’s loss to Stone Bridge.

“It was after our last game, and I was really sad because we lost. But then, Ewald told me as we were walking off the bus that I broke the record for the most free throws in a season,” said DuHaime. “I was really shocked, and it made me a lot happier [to hear.]”

DuHaime broke the record only playing three seasons on the varsity.

DuHaime started her journey as a basketball player in the third grade when she played for the local recreational league in Sterling, SRRBL. From there, DuHaime advanced to playing for the River Bend Middle School girls basketball team from sixth to eighth grade, while simultaneously playing for a local travel team called Flex. After that, DuHaime showed out freshman year by making the junior varsity team, and moved on to playing for the varsity team from sophomore to senior year. She furthered her skills by playing for another travel team, Flight, during this time as well.

DuHaime knows she couldn’t have made it this far without a loyal teammate and friend by her side, and in this case, that friend happens to be senior Amy Miller, another starter on the girls varsity basketball team. She accredits her ability to make new friends and feel more at ease with being on several teams because of how close her bond was and is with Miller. 

“Amy has been with me since first we played JV together, and then we played all throughout varsity together. She’s definitely stuck with me throughout the way,” said DuHaime. “It’s been so fun because we had each other’s backs, and we’ve learned that, you know, sometimes, you may not be on the court, but you’ll get there.”

As far as personal growth goes, basketball has helped DuHaime grow as a player and a person.

“[Playing basketball] is definitely a good way to exercise and be with your friends,” said DuHaime. “During COVID, I really didn’t get to see people, but seeing my friends at basketball face to face was a huge stress reliever for me.”

DuHaime won the district championship in 2020 during her sophomore year, and the regional championship in 2021 during her junior year. 

“It’s definitely been an amazing experience. [The best memory I have] was winning districts, then winning regionals,” said DuHaime. “We ended up making school history, and that was truly amazing.”