Every Ending Has A Beginning: Stranger Things 4


Photo by: Netflix

Stranger Things 4 Release Date Announced

Fans of the popular supernatural thriller show Stranger Things will be glad to know that a release date for the fourth season has finally been announced. It will be released almost three years after the third season and in two parts, the first part will release on May 27 and the second on July 1, according to the official Stranger Things Twitter.

Season four will have nine episodes, all of which have been hinted to be significantly longer than the current average episode length, which is currently about 45 minutes to an hour. According to the creators’ letter to fans posted on Twitter on Feb 17, the longer episode run-time is the reason for the two-part release, as producers want to get the season out as soon as possible whilst still maintaining top production quality. The five-week gap will give them time to put the finishing touches on the second half of season four.

Approval for this season is especially important for producers, not only because of the long gap, but also because of season three’s controversial reception. The third season was certainly a change of pace from the original two, with a lighter and more fun tone throughout. Some fans complained, calling it a lazy season, sellout, or simply bad. Twitter user @ItsJohnE1 wrote about 13 paragraphs worth of reasons why season three was terrible. Meanwhile, others considered it the best season yet. Regardless, the Stranger Things team is likely to return to their darker roots in hopes of raising approval this season.

Due to the long gap between seasons, which was extended by the outbreak of COVID-19, some fans have complained that they can hardly remember what happened so far in the story. Those who have watched more recently may recall that season three left off with Hopper supposedly imprisoned in Russia and the kids separated, with Eleven and the Byers’ family relocating from Hawkins, Indiana to California. 

Though the Byers moved to California in the hopes of escaping their traumatic years with the upside-down, it has been hinted by the writers that things aren’t much better across the country. Thus, the struggle continues for everyone. Although the teasers have given little concrete information, viewers can also expect to see Hopper’s experience in Russia, the Hawkins kids’ experience with a haunted house, and more about Eleven’s past this season. 

The writers have also confirmed that season four will be the second-to-last season of the show, and have hinted that it is expected to take a darker turn, perhaps the darkest yet. There is no doubt that Stranger Things fans will be hanging on to the edge of their seats for these last few months before season four.